Masquerades (Beauty and the Beast con zine)

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You may be looking for Masquerade, a costume contest held at cons.

Title: Masquerades
Date(s): 1991-1994
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Masquerades is a gen Beauty and the Beast anthology published in England. It is the con zine for Masquerades.


cover of 1991 issue by Gerda Eecklaert

Masquerades '91 contains 120 pages and was published in September 1992. It has a cover by Gerda Eecklaert, interior art by Lynn Simpson.

  • Foreword by Jacqui & Gwen
  • All For Love by Janet Kilbourne
  • Silhoutte of Hope by Karen T. Bird
  • The Golden Prince by Janet M. Aspinall
  • No! by Kassandra
  • Love Remembered Differently by S.M. Evans
  • The Eyes of Love by Joyce Clarke
  • Renaissance by Joy Faulkner
  • From the Ashes by Sandra Orr
  • An Episodic Dream by Janet Kilbourne
  • Providence by Edna Wilson
  • Help Me Make It Through The Night by Mary Moulden
  • A Funny Thing Happened To Me... by Sue Evans
  • You Purred For Me by Kassandra
  • Lost by Stephanien Bruford
  • Second Chances Tough Choices by Louise Hyde
  • The Gift by Sandra Orr
  • A Face In The Dark by Edna Wilson


Masquerades '93 was published in February 1994 and contains 115 pages. Art Information: Cover by Jacqui and Gwen. Art by Helen Maiden and R. McLauren.

It contains all of the contest submissions except Remembrance.

Reactions and Reviews: 1993

I have just read Masquerades Fiction '93 and I can say it was well worth the money. I especially liked Avril Bowles's story and Christine Cunningham's story. It was so amusing in some places I laughed out loud, much to the amusement of my own family who think I am mad anyway. I also liked Gwen Lord's story Genesis. It gives a very good insight into what Father was like when he was a student. I greatly enjoyed it. [1]

I have to congratulate everyone concerned with the publication. It is a masterpiece in itself. Jacqui Clarke's typing and layout are superb - so well done. All the stories were too good to put down, but the last one, called "Genesis" is a literary masterpiece. I would never have thought of Jacob, John, Peter and Charles at university together, a brilliant stroke which works. Very cleverly written, bringing together all the loose ends before Vincent was found, right up to the present day. A tapestry well woven, a snip at £6.00. [2]

I would like to tell you about an excellent fanzine I have just bought, read and re-read. It is called Masquerades/93 and contains all but one of the entries in last years fiction competition. The competition was held during the big convention which took place at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham, England in May '93. I have to tell you that thi.s fanzine was a wonderful read. I enjoyed every single story.

A lot of our most talented writers are contained within the pages of this fanzine. Names like, Christine Cunningham, Avril Bowles, Pauline Marshall and Gwen Lord, plus many more. There are all kinds of stories for all kinds of tastes. Something for everyone in fact. So go on, give yourself a real treat and buy it. I can assure you, you won't regret it.

At this point I think I should mention the one story not printed in Masquerades/93. It is called "Remembrance" by Joyce Clarke... [3]


cover of 1994 issue

Masquerades '94 was published in August 1994 and contains 41 pages.

  • Foreword by Jacqui & Gwen
  • Absence of the Heart by Amber James
  • Poem by Amber James
  • A Gypsy Never Forgets by Sue Haley
  • Such stuff as Dreams are Made Of by Sandra M. Deville
  • The Road Home by Christine Cunningham
  • And That Should Be by Amber James
  • A Hope for The Future by Tracey Wootten
  • By a Waterfall by Sandra M. Deville & Amber James


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