One Day, A Rapture

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Title: One Day, A Rapture
Author(s): Pamela Garrett
Cover Artist(s): Beth Blighton
Illustrator(s): Star Cook, Barbara Gipson, Beth Blighton
Date(s): November 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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One Day, A Rapture is an adult het 156-page Beauty and the Beast novel by Pamela Garrett.

Many fans consider it to be one of the finest first time novels in the fandom.

front cover by Beth Blighton: "Midnight Angel"

The art is by Star Cook, Beth Blighton, and Barbara Gipson.


It won a Beauty and the Beast Fan Quality Awards.

From the Zine

"One Day, A Rapture" was written during the late summer and early fall of 1989 when poisonous, heartbreaking rumors ran rampant, and we found ourselves faced with the loss of Catherine Chandler, the woman who has been our surrogate, our stand-in, our alter ego. Through her, we were able to love and be loved by a man who stands above all others. We cannot know with absolute certainty what lies ahead, but it seems we face a wrenching, perilous journey, and an ending that remains unknown.

Yet I believe Vincent is a man who loves once in his life, and so, for me, the dream must live. Whatever happens, whatever comes, I hope this story will renew your belief in a love that is, and will be - always; a love so passionate, so powerful, so endless it will never die.

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

If you polled fans, Pam Garrett’s work would be on just about everyone’s top ten favorites list, especially One Day, A Rapture. Mention that zine and anyone who’s read it will immediately recall ..."that scene" - you know the one.... While walking down a tunnel towards a party in Father’s chamber, Vincent and Catherine are....overcome by passion, giving way to it...sliding toward the tunnel floor...until...yeah....Fatherus interruptus! [1]


For those of you who have recovered some what from your S3 depression (applicable only to those who get depressed, of course!), what catalyst began your recovery? I'm curious, because mine was the wonderful, highly recommended (by me) zine, One Day, A Rapture by Pamela Garrett. After that zine, finally became more plugged into fandom, found more penpals (thanks, [Barb T] and TNT), and read even more classic/resolution zines. Now I feel much better about B&TB. I can derive pleasure from S1 and S2 again. Anybody else with similar experiences? I'd hate to feel that I'm alone in this. (I keep telling myself that I'm not crazy--B&TB was more than just another TV show!) [2]


In this fine “first time” novel, Vincent battles doubts C and Father believe unjustified. Jessica (no, not that Jessica), once V's teacher after the Lisa incident, returns to the tunnels and encourages him to physically express his love for C; C, mistaking their student/teacher love for something more erotic, is jealous. Beth Blighton color cover; art by Star, Gipson. Pro romance writer. [3]