Beauty and the Beast Fan Quality Awards

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Name: Beauty and the Beast Fan Quality Awards, also known as the 'quality zine awards'
Date(s): 1991-?
Frequency: annual?
Format: vote
Type: fanzine award
Associated Community:
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Fan Quality Awards are awards that were given to fanzine writers, publishers and artists. They were sponsored by the Beauty and the Beast International Fan Club‎. Any Beauty and the Beast with a copy of the voting form could vote. Awards were given at various annual conventions. There is little information concerning these awards and the fandom has not preserved lists of nominees or winners. It is also not clear if the awards are still ongoing.

These awards have no connection to the MediaWest FanQ Awards.


The awards were handed out at Tunnelcon I in 1991. A convention report, listing a few of the award winners can be found here.

Tunnelcon I Awards

Novel A.V.Wilde for The Promise
Short story Kathy Cox for "Visions of the Heart"
Filkson S.D. Nym for "Jingle Vincent
Crossover story Sheryl Tribble for "Shadows of Light"
Letterzine Jeanne Cloud for Once Upon a Time... Is Now
Overall Fanzine Kathy Cox for Destiny II
Novella Cynthia Hatch for "The Bridge"
Vignette Kay Simon for "Vina's Story"
Poetry Cynthia Hatch for "Words"
Artwork Beth Blighton for cover of Destiny II
Newsletter Stephanie Wiltsie for "Pipeline"
Overall Artist Beth Blighton


The awards were scheduled to be handed out at Tunnelcon II in 1992. A nominee list was printed in the back of The Beauty & the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines‎.

nominee list for the 1992 Batb FanQ awards, click to read


As reported in June/July 1994 issue of The Helpers Network Gazette and handed out at Tunnelcon III.

The zine awards:

  • Best misc. item: Rebecca Marcus for "Unspoken Guardians" in the Great Expectations zine
  • Best newsletter: Once Upon a Time is Now edited by Jeanne Cloud & Loreen VanderKraats
  • Best interior illus.: Sandy Chandler Shelton for Dancing Lights GE zine
  • Best zine cover: Sue Glasgow for When the Phoenix Sings
  • Best dramatic story: Rosemarie Hauer for "The Wish" in White Cover ed. by Trish Kehoe *Best Humorous story: a tie: Lucy Green "Female of the Species" in Circle of Light Adele Turner "To Dream" in Perchance to Dream
  • Best Poem: Lynette Combs, "Dear Mr. Koslow" in the Great Expectations Zine
  • Best anthology: Perchance to Dream by the DreamSeekers ed. Adele Turner
  • Best digest zine: a tie: Lynette Combs, O Sweetest Song II; Linda Mooney, Lucy Green Old Souls
  • Best zine: Great Expectations, A world of Dancing Lights. ed. by Roxanne Shearer Koogler

The art awards:

  • Journeyman Division Wearable: Karen Wuattlebaum for a cape;
  • Sandy Shelton, "Wanted";
  • JoAnn Grant, Crystal Rose Logo.
  • 3D: Sandy Shelton, etched goblet;
  • Jean Tranum, "Together Below";
  • Renee Long, Vincent's Window B/W: Sandy Shelton, "No Fear";
  • Sally Perkins, "Contemplation";
  • Inez Brown, #25 Color: Sally Perkins, "Dreams of Beauty";
  • Inez Brown, #1; Dragon, "Innocent Eyes"

Masters' Division

  • 3D: Kerin Houseburg "And Do We Not Live in Dreams?"; Bill Seltzer, necklace, Vincent 'n Roses; Kerin Houseburg, "Father"
  • B/W: Barbara Gipson, "Ozymandius"; Barbara Gipson, "All The Men I've Loved Before";

Dragon "Wishes and Dreams II"

  • Color: Claire Siefert, "Someone to Watch Over Me"; *Beth Blighton, "Acquainted with the Night"; Jamie Murray, "Triangle"
  • People's Choice: Claire Siefert, "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Honorable Mention:

  • Jamie Murray, "Triangle";
  • Beth Blighton, "In Truth a Heart of Gold."

A special award was granted to Lyn Musaccio, of the New England B&B Hotline, and to Nan Dibble for The Helpers Network Gazette. The framed certificate reads, "Certificate of Appreciation for Keeping the Dream Alive awarded to Nan Dibble of the Helpers' Network Hotline In thanks for extraordinary service to the Beauty and the Beast Fandom. In the presence of fans, friends, and stars of Beauty and the Beast, you are commended for faithfully providing weekly information updates since 1991. May your good work continue for many years to come. Presented at TunnelCon III, Las Vegas, Nevada July 9, 1994."


These awards were given out in 1995 at A Distant Shore (Beauty and the Beast convention).

Best Newsletter/Letterzine:

  1. Helpers Network Gazette - Nan Dibble
  2. Soulmates - A Neverending Dream - B. Hill/Terrie Milliman
  3. Classic Connection - J. Fuller-Kleikamp

Best Short Story (stories under 20 pgs):

  • It Lasts for Always - L. Combs
  • The First Time - M. Sayles
  • Sweet Surrender - L. S. Barth

Best Poem:

  1. Dream Seeker - L. Combs
  2. Chamber Child - L. Combs
  3. Tis Such A Sweet Pain - P. Garvin

Best Anthology (zine containing more than one story):

  1. Bondstories VIII - J. Fuller-Kliekamp/L. Hunten
  2. Embrace the Night - A. Hooson/D. Ristick
  3. Huntress II - R. Shearer-Koogler

Best Novella (story over 20 pages, contained in zine with multiple stories):

  1. Down in the Dark - R. Shearer-Koogler
  2. Someone to Watch Over Me - A. Turner
  3. Your Pain is My Pain - Teri P

Best Novel (zine containing one story):

  1. One Day, A Rapture - P. Garrett
  2. Beyond Beginnings - L. S. Barth
  3. When the Phoenix Sings - S. Glasgow

Best "Zine" Cover Art (not restricted to zines):

  1. Sensuous Candlelight - Rosemarie Hauer
  2. Soulmates, A Neverending Dream - Terrie Milliman
  3. Huntress II - Jan Durr



These awards were given out at A Kingdom by the Sea convention.

Favorite Single Story Zine:

  • Beyond Beginnings Book 2 - Linda Barth
  • The Quickening - Teri
  • In Search Of Angels - Trish Kehoe

Favorite Anthology Zine:

  • All Things Are Possible Volume VII - Sandy Chandler Shelton
  • Bondstories: IX - Joyce Kleikamp
  • A Distant Shore Con Zine - Carousels & Caverns Community

Favorite Single Story:

  • Everything To Lose - Sandy Chandler Shelton - All Things Are Possible VII
  • Counterpoint - Linda Barth - Soulmates - A Neverending Dream
  • Safe Haven - Teri - Bondstories: IX

Favorite Poem:

  • Wave Of Passion - Pat Leslie - 1996 Calendar
  • The Haven - Ben Bock - The Mirror Pool
  • Father's Grace - Peg McNabb - Beyond Beginnings Book 2

Favorite Fan Publication:

  • The Crystal Rose - JoAnn Grant & Vicki Thomas
  • Soulmates - A Neverending Dream - Barbara Hill
  • Classic Connection - Joyce Kleikamp

Favorite Foreign Zine:

  • Two of a Kind - Rosemarie Hauer
  • Thanks to the Human Heart - Rosemarie Hauer
  • One Moment in Time - Marilyn Preston

Favorite Work In Other Media:

  • 1996 Wave of Passion Calendar - Sandy C. Shelton & Pat Leslie
  • 1995 V/C Calendar - Rosemarie Hauer
  • Songs of the Blue Bird Web Page - Eric Tullis

Favorite Cover Art:

  • Passion of the Moment - All Things Are Possible VII - Sandy C. Shelton
  • Cover of Soulmate - Soulmates - A Neverending Dream - Terri
  • Cover of Demons at the Gate - Vincent's World Novel 8 � Terri

Favorite Art:

  • Vincent (Eyes of Love) - All Things Are Possible VII - Sandy C. Shelton
  • Vincent - Beyond Beginnings 2 - Terri
  • Vincent (Dreamer) - Love Songs - Mickey Sayles