Cynthia Hatch

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Name: Cynthia Hatch
Type: writer
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Cynthia Hatch was a Beauty and the Beast fan.

Fan Comments

Part poet, part enchanter, Cynthia Hatch (Diane Davis) created very few zines, but their mesmerizing impact is enduring and widely felt. She wrote one of the most controversial stories in fandom - The Bridge - and also wrote one of our most beloved series - Kaleidoscope, as well as When Angels Fall. The power and mastery of her writing cannot be denied - her scenes remain indelibly etched in the memory long after they have been read. [1]
In KALEIDOSCOPE 3, Diane Davis (aka Cynthia Hatch) had Catherine tell Vincent that the main reason she stayed Above was because of him. I loved that she wrote that because I totally agreed with it. In many ways, it is to Vincent's benefit that Catherine stay in her world. Her connections with the District Attorney's office and other powerful people enable her to help him and his "family" in ways she never could if she moved Below. And Vincent took full advantage of those connections. How many times did he come to her for help, and did she ever say no? Catherine wanted to help Vincent in any way she could, and she wanted him to be proud of her. [2]


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