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Title: B & B Lite
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Press
Editor(s): Lucinda C. Brown
Date(s): undated, around 1989, one source places publication in 1990 (the art is dated 1988)
Medium: print
Genre: gen and het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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B & B Lite is a gen and het Beauty and the Beast 35-page anthology with a humorous content by Sue D. Nim. It has a cover by Nancy A. Stasulis.

front cover
back cover

"If you must know, Lucinda C. Brown edited this thing, and Nancy A. Stasulis had her arm twisted by the aforementioned LCB and coughed up all of the art. All typing and and computer graphics were also produced by LCB."

From the editorial:
Just after Thanksgiving of 1988, I received an envelope in the mail with no return address, just a strangely blurred postmark. Although it had OMINOUS stamped all over it, I opened it anyway to find a slender bundle of stories written by someone under the unusual pseudonym of Sue D. Nim, who in her letter offered me the chance of first dibs on these little "gems".

Sue's letter informed me that an unnamed editor had turned down her efforts because "this is a serious B&B zine into which a lot of effort goes, and your stories are not serious, not long, romantic and meaningful, and I'd get murdered by the LOC's if I included a story that made fun of the show."

Well, I've always considered that the writing of stories of a humorous nature is serious business. And if they can't take a joke...

So here I am, doing what I said I'd never do again as long as I lived, and publishing a zine. Yes, I know who Sue is. No, I'm not telling. She says she prefers her life to be unexciting. I'll be glad to get your LOC's to her, though. No letterbombs, please.
From the author's introduction:
"Although this little type-tapper worships Vincent's butter-soft hair and crystalline sapphire eyes as much as the next hyper-hormoned drooler, she also can give herself enough space to appreciate that the Adored One (and his premise, show, and fanfic writers) have a few tesnsy faults — and a few openings for humor. It is in this spirit of comic jest that she tic-tic's her little satires and hopes that the B&B vestels will leave such items as tar and feathers at home in their Hope Chests, next to the velvet handcuffs and lion masks, where they belong.


  • Reflections ("This doggerel is dedicated to all those awful fannish poems titled "Reflections."!) (2)
  • A Cartoon (3)
  • Reflections on a Finished Symphony (4)
  • Another Cartoon (7)
  • Picture Yourself (8)
  • Reflections on a Good Book (9)
  • Yet Another Cartoon (12)
  • He Knows (15)
  • Jingle Vicent (With Chorus) (16)
  • Art Gallery (humorous imitation: Vincent as The Sphinx, Michaelangelo's "Creation of Vincent," Botticelli's "Birth of Vincent," Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Vincent," Van Gogh's "Vincent," Picasso's "Beurnica") (17)
  • Reflection on a Love Affair (24)
  • And Another Cartoon (26)
  • Reflections on Danger (27)
  • Still Another Cartoon (30)
  • I'm So Sorry Mr. Wodehouse (32)
  • The Final Beastly Cartoon (34)

Sample Interior Gallery

Reactions and Reviews

This cheerful miscellany includes such items as a vignette about the soggy aftermath of rained out concert in “Chamber Music”; a gallery of pictures of Vincent drawn a la the great masters (the reviewer was particularly fond of “Mona Vincent”); other fiction, cartoons, assorted "Scenes We'd Like to See on B&B” and a good general grin. Won 1990 TunnelCon I award for comedy in B&B. [1]


  1. ^ from Helpers' Network Quality Fanzine Review -- 1997