P.S. Nim

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Name: P.S. Nim
Type: artist, writer
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV), Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek: TOS
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P.S. Nim is a gen artist and writer.

According to one fan: "Although shy of using her real name in print, there was nothing tentative about P.S. Nim’s art - from a series of hilarious or tender graphic novels to her illustrations for calendars and zines, her talent was bold, assured, striking...breathtaking." [1]

Another writes: "P.S. Nim is best known for her graphic novels The Beast of Times, What a Yo-Yo, Beauty and the Yeast, The Absurd Season, Dreams of Long Ago, and a zine - Love Bade Me Welcome - which mentions some startling aspects to Vincent which hadn’t been addressed before: the word "retractable" springs to mind! The talents of this pseudonymic lady cannot be overstated, nor her impact on fandom. [2]




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