Pipeline (Beauty and the Beast letterzine edited by Stephanie Wiltse)

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Title: Pipeline
Publisher: Starving Artists Workshop, out of Albany, New York
Editor(s): Stephanie Wiltse
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1988-1994
Frequency: bi-monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
External Links: cited here (archived link); excerpts; Pipeline Issues, Archived version
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Pipeline is a Beauty and the Beast newsletter with at least 26 issues and a run of four years.

The editor stated that it was a "for-profit" enterprise.

It won the 'Best Newsletter' Award at Tunnelcon #1.

In 1989, editor Stephanie Wiltse said:
Stephanie Wiltse, editor of the "Pipeline" fan publication about the 2-year-old show, says half of her 800 or so subscribers "joined after the show was canceled because they were upset. What we're finding out is that the Beasties are coming out of their closets, as it were, and they're standing up and being counted like those students at the end of 'Dead Poets Society.' [1]

In 1991, the editor of the Pipeline did gave a cable TV interview in which she and Angela Fernan discussed their plans to do a video version of the Pipeline. The interview can now be seen here. At least one issue of the Pipeline video newsletter may have been filmed.

In 1993, there were plans to publish "The Best of Pipeline." This would be "with Stephanie's most memorable interviews and articles, photos, artwork, and all that made Pipeline so special. The Helpers Network Gazette members would get a substantial discount on the price at which this book would be offered to non-members." [2] It is unclear if the compilation was ever published.

Controversies Sparked

At least one fan has referenced Pipeline as a major pipeline, as it were, during the The Beauty and the Beast Wars.
"As for "Pipeline", it was my perception that this was a conduit for fuel [of arugments], each time it arrived in my mailbox, I felt like I'd been torched and left to burn."[3]

This newsletter was also the birthplace of the term Nay-sayer.


Ron Koslow, one of the showrunners, granted the editor of "Pipeline" "access" to information and communication in this postcard, Archived version.

Roy Dotrice, one of the stars of the 1987 television series, “Beauty and the Beast,” replied to a fan letter. Within months a correspondence grew into the infozine “Pipeline.”

At first, none of the fans knew there was anyone else ‘out there’ interested in their favorite show. Even though an “International Club” was also organizing in that Spring of 1988, as was the fandom’s first letterzine aptly entitled “Once Upon A Time.” Exec and creator, Ron Koslow, did not want to officially sanction any one of us, but he did grant exceptional access.

Thus started a 5-year adventure writing for a little fanzine that gained an international readership in the thousands and landed its amateur journalist/editor a byline in “Starlog” magazine, and favorable review in American, British, and Canadian “TV Guides,” mentions in “USA Today,” a job offer from a Hollywood ad agency, reference in a college textbook (“Textual Poachers” by Henry Jenkins), and even an interview on TV’s “Entertainment Tonight.” [4]

v.1 n.1

Pipeline v.1 n.1 was published in May 1988 and contains 2 pages.

cover of v.1 n.2
From the editorial:

Are we all the same, only in different ways? You're reading this, so we have one interest in common -- the television series "Beauty and the Beast." Yet we differ, bringing to each episode our own unique experience, and so coming away with impressions uniquely our own. Likewise, there's more than on imagination at work, contributing to the "B&B" we see every week. These people weave the illusion that suspends our disbelief. All touch us, each in his/her own way.

We fans? followers? votaries? supporters? zealots? students? enthusiasts? (well, whatever your favourite moniker) of Beauty and the Beast have much to enjoy in what we share and how we differ. That's something to be celebrated and looked into, and that's what this newsletter is all about. Pipeline is for people who agree that it is not an idle pursuit to ponder "such stuff as dreams are made on."

  • To Be or Not to Be - Beauty and the Beast Next Season? (article about the possible cancellation of the show, and a plea to fans to write the showrunners and contact the sponsors.) "There's nothing wrong with getting a little evangelical, doing a little recruitment for something that you care about.") (1)
  • Media Watch - Today Show Interview (excerpts from the March 24, 1988 appearance of Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman) (From the editor: "Apologies, but the transcript below lacks its intro and is short by about the amount of time it took me to fly up two flights of stairs and turn on my VCR." From the interview, when asked if the "relationship may be consummated in some fashion" -- [Ron]: "The only thing we are sure of is that we have absolutely no idea of what to be sure of with regard to this relationship and its ramifications, and where it might be going. We're swept up by the experience of living Vincent and Catherine every week and hopefully this will take us to the next logical step. We don't want to tip any scales here." [Linda]: "Yes, and keep people guessing, right. I mean, that's part of the charm, is everyone's need to see these two people resolve it somehow. But, we have many more episodes in which to do that.") (1)
  • Tappings: (short blurb about John McMartin, James Avery appearances and in the news) (1)
  • B&B Convention: June 18, 1988 (2)
  • From the Editor (2)
  • Ozymandias of Egypt (poem) by Percy Bysshe Shelley (2)

v.1 n.2

Pipeline v.1 n.2 was published in July 1988 and contains 2 pages.

cover of v.1 n.2
  • Beauty and the Beast Renewed... as Strike Continues, article by Stephanie Wiltse (1)
  • Media Watch - Season End Coverage (1)
  • Roy Dotrice Recovered, update on Dotrice's accident in his swimming pool (1)
  • From the Editor ("There was some question in response to issue #1 as to whether "Pipeline" was the front end of a volunteer group. This newsletter is a bit of an anomaly is that it is not affiliated with any fan organization, with "Beauty and the Beast," or with the CBS Television Network. "Pipeline" is published for profit and distributed nationally by the "Starving Artists Workshop," a small "Desk Top Publishing" firm based in northeastern New York State.")(2)
  • Tappings (actor news) (2)
  • Readers Forum (a letter by a fan who was disappointed in the portrayal of a deaf character in the episode "An Impossible Silence" because it had "most of the misconceptions about the deaf that make life so hard for them...I hope the show doesn't plan to go through all the handicaps each week to give Vincent someone to be nice to even when the rest of the world dumps on them.") (2)
  • Sonnet #29 by William Shakespeare (2)

v.1 n.3

Pipeline v.1 n.3 was published in August 1988 and contains 2 pages.

cover of v.1 n.3
  • Production still halted on Beauty and the Beast, article by by Stephanie Wiltse ("Viewers have little recourse in all of this. There is no arbiter or lobby to protect our interests. We can only make as much of a show of our support for B&B as we can muster. And as the characters and environs of Beauty and the Beast no inhabit our imaginations, they must certainly live on in the minds of the series' writers, if not for the moment at the tip of their pens. The hope is that all those creative back-burners on the picket line sill stay alight... perhaps in some small way our appreciation can help fuel the flame. We should not let them forget that we are their fans, too.") (1)
  • Media Watch - Hour Magazine transcript by C.A MacMasters (Gary Collins interviews Ron Perlman) (2)
  • Tappings (actor news) (2)
  • Readers' Forum (two letters from fans -- one LOVES the show, the other lamented "'the weekly sledge-hammer-symbolism'," and "that there was nothing new under the sun, so to speak, in visual (as opposed to written) Fantasy or Science Fiction -- at least not since the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.... Sorry, but even B&B is not much more than a recycled Kung Fu. 1. State philosophy of peace and humanism. 2. Rescue Catherine (or whomever). 3. Refrain from killing outright to show compassion. 4. Re-statement of philosophy. 5. Adulate Catherine, but don't touch -- at least, not in public.") (2)
  • Convention News (Two Creation Cons with David Greenlee (Memphis on July 23/24 and Albany (Aug 13/14) where there was to be a slide show, plus an amateur B&B theatrical). Howard Gordon will be at the Creation Con in Oakland on Nov 5/6. George R.R. Martin will be at MapleCon in Ottawa July 25/Aug 1.) (2)

v.1 n.4

Pipeline v.1 n.4 was published in September 1988 and is 2 pages long.

cover of v.1 n.4
  • Movies of the Week (1)
  • Writers' Strike Over - Beauty & Beast Back in Biz! (1)
  • MapleCon10 - George R.R. Martin Speaks (1)
  • Emmy Nominations (1)
  • Tappings (2)
  • Readers Forum (2)
  • Convention Update (2)

v.1 n.5

Pipeline v.1 n.5 was published in October 1988 and is 4 pages long.

cover of v.1 n.5
  • Beauty and the Beast on the Move ... Across Town and Around the World (1)
  • George RR Martin Speaks Pt. II (1)
  • Page 2: George RR Martin Speaks cont'd (2)
  • Profile: Linda Hamilton (2)
  • Tappings (actor news) (2)
  • Readers Forum (3)
  • George RR Martin Speaks cont'd (3)
  • "The Amish Story" (3)
  • Marketplace: (Republic Pictures release of Pilot and A Happy Life on single "Special Collector's Edition" videotape (3)
  • Convention Update (4)
  • George RR Martin Speaks cont'd (4)

v.1 n.6

Pipeline v.1 n.6 was published in November 1988. here

  • Beauty and the Beast - A New Season Begins, article by Stephanie Wiltse (1)
  • John Mansbridge - Designer of 'Such Stuff as Dreams' (tape interview) (1)
  • John Mansbridge interview continued (2)
  • Cartoon by Patricia Young (2)
  • David Greenlee - Mouse and Me (interview) (2)
  • David Greenlee interview continued (3)
  • Tappings (actor news) (3)
  • Reader Forum (3)
  • Go Toward the Light (3)
  • VQT (Viewers for Quality Television) Award (to Ron Perlman) (3)
  • Convention Update (4)
  • David Greenlee interview continued (4)

v.2 n.1

January 1989

  • Beauty and the Beast: A Change of Times?, article by Stephanie Wiltse (1)
  • An Open Letter to the Media (1)
  • Terrylene - Laura's Journey (2)
  • Terrylene cont'd (3)
  • Tappings 9actor news) (3)
  • Reader Forum (3)
  • Media Watch - CBS Interview - Ron Perlman (3)
  • Readers Forum (3)
  • Convention Update (4)
  • From the Editor (4)

v.2 n.2

Pipeline v.2 n.2 was published in February 1989.

  • The Road Less Traveled ... and the Way Ahead (1)
  • A Beauty and the Beast Progress Report (1)
  • February Airdates (1)
  • Roy Dotrice - Life with Father -- A Special Project (Dickens of London, starring Roy Dotrice) (2)
  • Letters ... and the Eye of the Beholder (Interview with Ray Faiola, Director of Audience Services, CBS) (3)
  • Impressing the Press (list of media contacts - newspapers, magazines, wire services, press, Morning TV, TV Entertainment News, Talk Shows) (4)
  • And Now a Word to our Sponsors (a list of sponsors of the B&B TV series and their corporate headquarters) (5)
  • Sponsors cont'd (6)
  • Late Classifieds (6)
  • Tappings (actor news) (7)
  • Reader Forum (7)
  • Roy Dotrice interview cont'd (7)
  • Convention Update (8)
  • The Helpers' Gazetteer (8)
  • Classifieds -(9)
  • Subscription information (8)

v.2 n.3

cover of v.2 n.3

March 1989

  • The Best of Times ... or the Worst of Times for Beauty and the Beast? (1)
  • Speech, Speech! (1)
  • Marketplace: At Long Last ... When? (1)
  • Roy Dotrice - Life With Father (interview cont'd) (2)
  • Roy Dotrice interview cont'd (3)
  • Tappings (actor news) (3)
  • Convention Update (4)
  • Classifieds -(4)
  • The Helpers' Gazetteer (4)

v.2 n.4

April 1989

cover of v.2 n.4
  • Page 1: Beauty and the Beast Lives! (1)
  • From the Editor (1)
  • Small Victories (1)
  • Beauty and the Beast Lives! cont'd (2)
  • Small Victories (2)
  • The Ratings - Quality Blind? (2)
  • Small Victories (2)
  • Convention Quotes (2)
  • Tappings (actor news) (3)
  • Reader Forum (3)
  • Small Victories (3)
  • The Helpers' Gazeteer (3)
  • Small Victories (3)
  • Convention Update (4)
  • Classifieds (4)
  • Small Victories (4)

v.2 n.5

Pipeline v.2 n.5 was published in May 1989.

  • Beauty and the Beast Trilogy (1)
  • Conversation with a Net Exec (1)
  • Conversation with a Net Exec cont'd (2)
  • Once Upon a Time ... (2)\
  • His script was about what he knew best - himself (Robert John Gutke - When the Bluebird Sings) (2)
  • Conversation with a Net Exec cont'd (3)
  • Tappings (actor news) (3)
  • Vader Forum (3)
  • The Helpers Gazetteer (3)
  • Page 4: Convention Update (4)
  • Classifieds (4)

n.2 v.6/7

June/July 1989

cover of v.2 n.6/7
  • Page 1: Beauty and the Beast's Third Season Delayed ... or in Danger? (1)
  • Congratulations, Linda! (1)
  • From the Editor (2)
  • Beauty and the Beast Third Season Delayed con'td (2)
  • Keeping in Touch, A Tappings Tattler (2)
  • Sonnet for Beauty and the Beast (2) Thanks Sponsors (2)
  • Tappings Reader Forum (3)
  • Keeping in Touch cont'd (3)
  • Of Love Hope and Music - An Interview with Lee Holdridge (4)
  • Love Hope and Music - An Interview with Lee Holdridge, continued (5)
  • Bio File: David Greenlee (6)
  • Love Hope and Music - An Interview with Lee Holdridge, continued (6)
  • Love Hope and Music - An Interview with Lee Holdridge, continued (7)
  • Convention Update (7)
  • Tappings(actor news) (7)
  • Readers' Forum (7)
  • Addendum: Help - Notice - You - Blurb- Omission - Just in (8)
  • Just in - cont'd (9)
  • August '89 Addendum (map) (10)
  • The Helpers' Gazetteer (10)
  • Classifieds (11)
  • National Survey (12)
  • Classifieds (12)
  • Why a National Survey? (13)
  • Classifieds (13)
  • National Audience Survey (13)
  • Classifieds (14)
  • Page 15: Promotalk Inc ad (15)

v.2 n.8

August 1989

v.2 n.9

Pipeline v.2 n.9 was published in September 1989.

v.2 n.10

Pipeline v.2 n.10 was published in October 1989.

v.2 n.11/12

Pipeline v.2 n.11/12 was published in September 1989.

v.3 n.1

Pipeline v.3 n.1 was published in January 1990.

v.3 n.2

Pipeline v.3 n.2 was published in February 1990.

v.3 n.3

Pipeline v.3 n.3 was published in March 1990.

v.3 n.4/5

Pipeline v.3 n.4/5 was published in April/May 1990.

v.3 n.6/7

Pipeline v.3 n.6/7 was published in June/July 1990.

v.3 n.8/9

Pipeline v.3 n.8/9 was published in Aug/Sept 1990 and contains 8 pages.

  • Beauty and the Beast... What's Happening: Coming to a theatre near you? (interview transcript with Ron Koslow on July 17) (1)
  • Beauty and the Beast... What's Happening: Family Channel - Out of Order (article about how the FAM Channel was showing episodes in the order Republic was sending them to them, which was out of order. Some fans attempted to straighten this out.) (1)
  • It All Started on the Kitchen Table, essay by Darrilynn Malone (the origins of TunnelCon) (1)
  • Con Report for TunnelCon by by Stephanie Wiltse (see that page) (2)
  • a review of the for-profit book "Above & Below: A Guide to Beauty and the Beast" (3)
  • various articles and interviews continued (3)
  • Tappings (actor news) (3)
  • On the Road... The Making of a New Video (about a "visual Pipeline") (4)
  • More TunnelCon comments (5)
  • Classifies (6)
  • More TunnelCon Comments, including addressing many fandom rumors (6)
  • ads for zines (7)
  • Convention News (many, many Creation Cons) (7)
  • more ads (8)

v.3 n.10

Pipeline v.3 n.10

v.3 n.11

Pipeline v.3 n.11 was published in Nov 1990.


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