Condos and Caverns (Beauty and the Beast newsletter)

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Title: Condos and Caverns
Editor(s): Tony Anderson
Date(s): 1988-1990?
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
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cover of issue #6

Condos and Caverns is a het Beauty and the Beast newsletter.

Issue 4 was published in July 1989.

In 1994, the publisher posted the following to Of Love and Hope:
After watching the pilot and a few episodes after I was hooked. I found a close friend who was equally as taken with the fairy-tale. Together we decided to start a fanzine for the show since there was absolutely none to be found at the show's first beginnings. We decided to make a different kind of zine that we wanted but never really have seen before. We called it a "multi-zine" because it contained news on the show (as it progressed), artwork, fiction, puzzles, listings for merchandise, episode guides, episode compendiums, star interviews with those working on and involved with the show and clippings from around the world about the show, and letters-of-comment. The title was a favorite of Roy Dotrice, we called our zine "CONDOS AND CAVERNS". We printed for over 2 years on a quarterly basis. We had to end the zine due to lack of funds, declining memberships (after the 3rd season caused a split amongst fandom) and submission involvement.