Once Upon a Time... Is Now

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Title: Once Upon a Time... Is Now (Out-In, Out/In, Out...In)
Editor(s): Jeanne Cloud and Joyce DeBoard (issues #1-#27), Jeanne Cloud, Loreen Vanderkrats, and Linda Lakin (issues #27-#33 -- tho perhaps as far as #45), Jeanne Cloud and Loreen Vanderkrats (issues #46-#60 -- tho perhaps as early as #34)
Type: letterzine
Date(s): May 1988 to 1996
Frequency: sometimes monthly, sometimes bi-monthly, at the end much more infrequent
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Once Upon a Time... Is Now (Out-In, Out/In, Out...In) is a Beauty and the Beast letterzine. It is digest-sized.

It began in May 1988 with 25 subscribers.

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The zine is a collection of letters from fans (titled "From the Helpers") of the show discussing aspects of the show including the actors, characters, stories, and fanfiction. This zine also contains photos (both xeroxed and original), original artwork, con reports, open letters, and sometimes, zine reviews, clippings and interviews.

Some regular features were: "OK Good...OK Fine" (the editorial), "Abbreviated Code" ("selected quotes from an episode to cut down the 'clutter' on the Pipes"), "From the Library" (zine listings), and "On the Pipes" (fan clubs).

The Editors

  • Jeanne Cloud and Joyce DeBoard as co-editors (issues #1-#27)
  • Jeanne Cloud (editor) Loreen Vanderkrats, and Linda Lakin (co-editors) (issues #27-#33 -- perhaps as far as #45)
  • Jeanne Cloud (editor) and Loreen Vanderkrats (co-editor) (issues #46-#60 -- perhaps as early as #34)


Had the Eye and Support of TPTB

Ron Koslow was quoted in Pipeline v.2 n.8 (August 1989) about the show's retooling and different direction in the third season:

"This isn’t necessarily new news. Look at what happened last season. I’ve talked in some of my convention speeches about how glad we were to get away from the demand for action, and to be able to do straight character drama. But when we actually did that at the beginning of the 2nd season — “Passages,” “Once Upon a Time ...Is Now,” and the various other letterzines were full of letters from the fans complaining that something was missing from the show. And when we returned to that in “The Outsiders” and for the rest of the season, there seemed to be a great groundswell of happiness from the fans. So I don’t know, in some ways what the network wants and what the fans want might not be too far apart.”

From the Editor

On the occasion of the 50th issue, the editor wrote:

Fifty issues ago, I started out my first column with the words "Once Upon a Time..." That seems so long ago, and yet again it seems like yesterday. Joyce DeBoard and I put out our first issue in May, 1988, with about 25 subscribers. Your response was overwhelming and we grew and grew and grew. Fandom was new and fresh — and eager. Each episode was received like a new baby. We counted its fingers and toes, turned it over and over and analysed it long into the night. Oooh, what glorious fun we had. Remember when we could hardly wait to call our friends in fandom and discuss the newest episode? We talked for hours on end about how Devin twisted Vincent's hair in "Brothers" or whether Vincent and Catherine would ever kiss... remember? Those were the good times. We made friends across the country or in some cases, across the world. Some friendships formed out of a love for a T.V. show have weathered the test of time to become part of our lives. They will remain when all else falls away from us. [1]

The Issues

There were 60 (plus one special issue) issues printed.

The special short issue sent out to fans in roughly December 1992 explaining to fans that the content and tone of the letterzine would change to one that had a focus of positivity.

See these subpages for details about individual issues, including quoted opinions and summaries of fannish views on topics current then, and now.

Issues: Once Upon a Time... Is Now
Issues 001-002 Issues 003-004 Issues 005-006 Issues 007-008
Issues 009-010 Issues 011-012 Issues 013-014 Issues 015-016
Issues 017-018 Issues 019-020 Issues 021-022 Issues 023-024
Issues 025-026 Issues 027-028 Issues 029-030 Issues 031-032
Issues 033-034 Issues 035-036 Issues 037-038 Issues 039-040
Issues 041-042 Issues 043-044 Issues 045-046 Issues 047-048
Issues 049-050 Issues 051-052 Issues 053-054 Issues 055-056
Issues 057-060 Special Issue


The Letterzine's Demise


The venerable and deservedly respected letterzine, Once Upon a Time is Now, generally known as OUT/IN, will have to stop publishing at the end of this year unless there's a large volume of new subscriptions, its editors, Loreen Vanderkraatz and Jeanne Cloud, report to us.

OUT/IN is published every 2 months and costs $3 an issue. It carries letters, news, photos, and many special features. The cut-off issue, at which the editors will decide whether they're going on or not, is #60: roughly the end of this year. That's plenty of time to mount a rescue effort...especially if you don't know what you've been missing or why it's worth saving.

To get all the remaining issues of OUT/IN costs $18. But Nan suggests that, if you're not familiar with this fine publication, you send them $3 immediately, RIGHT NOW, to see why Nan encourages EVERYONE IN THIS FANDOM to subscribe.

You risk nothing. The publication isn't going to collapse without warning (like some, much lamented and not-so-lamented, that we can all bring to mind). The editors will be carrying on at least until the end of this year. All subscriptions until that time will be honored.

How much is $3, to get a taste of the excellent and unique publication? Then, if you like it, subscribe for the remaining issues, adding your encouragement and your money to keep it going, so it will continue to be there for all of us. Send your $3 for the current issue to Jeanne Cloud...

"Keeping the Dream Alive" has become a catchphrase in this fandom, but it's one Nan believes in most seriously in what she tried to do with the Hotline and Helpers' Network. Part of helping to keep the dream alive is keeping alive those publications that serve this fandom. Do your part: send OUT/IN $3 right away to help keep a valued forum for all the various voices and flavors of opinion in this fandom, a lively publication that's been going for about 8 years: It's among the oldest B&B publications left, and surely one of the finest. Support it, keep it going.

Nan particularly appeals to members of Helpers' Network and those who get the Gazette. To really know what's going on, you need, not only news, but the expression of ideas and attitudes of the fandom which only a letterzine can provide. OUT/IN deserves your support. Please give it. [2]

A fan in early 1997 wrote: {{Quotation2|

I wonder how many of you remember the the very early days of this fandom, when it was all so new to us, and we were so keen to get our hands on vital B&B goods. It was way back in 1988 that Jeanne Cloud produced a Letterzine called 'Once Upon A Time', where B&B fans could exchange views about the series and share their favourite moments on the show. This was laced with poems and photo's it was a big success. Sadly the letters which once were a never ending pile, started to filter out and each issue was an uphill struggle. Then in 1995, word went round that it was folding and they would be doing a bumper issue of letters from each issue. This they did and it was a lovely read. [3]


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