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Alias Smith and Jones

Alien Nation

Beauty and the Beast (TV)

The Bill

Blade Runner

Blake’s 7

The Commish




Dorothy Dunnett


Forever Knight

Greatest American Hero

Harrison Ford

Hardcastle and McCormick


Hill Street Blues

Hollywood Beat

Houston Knights

In the Heat of the Night

Inspector Morse

Knight Rider

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Magnum, P.I.


Man from UNCLE

Miami Vice

Midnight Caller



Phantom of the Opera

The Professionals

Quantum Leap

Rat Patrol

Real Ghostbusters

Remington Steele


Robin of Sherwood

Scarecrow and Mrs. King


Shadow Chasers


Simon and Simon

Space: 1999

Stargate SG-1


Star Trek

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Wars

Starsky and Hutch

Valdemar/Mercedes Lackey

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

War of the Worlds




Proposed Letterzines: (never made it off the ground)

For similar endeavours, see Proposed Zines.

  • 49th Parallel (1992, Bordertown)
  • Addendum" (letterzine and review zine relating to Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, put out by the same editor as Empire Review, 1980)
  • The Advocacy (1990, War of the Worlds, "fiction, art, letters, fillers...")
  • Alpha Quarterly (1981, Space:1999)
  • Arcanum (1985, slash, multifandom, see Off the Record)
  • E! (Emergency!)
  • Followers of the Force (1994, Star Wars)
  • For Barter Only (Stingray)
  • Hollywood Beat (1985, untitled letterzine for Hollywood Beat)
  • Leaper's Journal (1995, Quantum Leap)
  • Leapers UK (1993, Quantum Leap, "a general QL discussion letterzine that will appeal to all fans of the show whether primarily slash fans or not.")
  • Miami Rites (1985, Miami Vice)
  • Miami Vice (1985, gen, Miami Vice)
  • The Pacific Connection (V)
  • Perspective (1985, unidentified fandom, see proposed zines)
  • Phoenix Rising (MacGyver)
  • Operation "Wolfsbane" (1985, Airwolf)
  • Over Land, Sea, Space and Time (1990, Irvin Allen shows, to have been published by Jeanne Weselinski)
  • The Shadowy Flight (1997, Knight Rider)
  • Shootout (gen, from the UK, 1985) (Starsky & Hutch)
  • Stuck in Limbo (1992, Shades of LA)
  • Tencton Times (Alien Nation, 1990, from the same publisher of Details at 11)
  • Tori No Cho: Way of the Butterfly (The Master, 1986, pubbed by Sheila Paulson and Charlotte Desilets)
  • Yakkity-Yak (multifandom, slash)