Whereabouts Unknown

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Title: Whereabouts Unknown
Publisher: Cody Nelson
Type: APA, letterzine
Date(s): 1995-2000
Frequency: biannual
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: Whereabouts Unknown - An Alex Krycek APA, Archived version
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Whereabouts Unknown is a slash X-Files APA (or letterzine) that was published quarterly.

The zine focuses on the character of Alex Krycek and contains letters from fans discussing the show as well as fan fiction.

After 10 issues, the zine ceased publication in 2000.

Sample Fiction

Sample fan fiction that appeared in the 1999 APAs:


From the APA's Website

A quarterly APA dedicated to discussion about our favorite X-Files antihero, Alex Krycek.
FBI geek rogue agent coffee server
purveyor of DOT statistics tram operator head conker
bathroom lurker black leather boy "oh no wrong Scully"
Skinner puncher DAT tape thief 12:00 12:00 12:00
car bomb escapee fugitive
Hong Kong oil spewing silo prisoner
militia member Mulder punching bag balcony hanger
"stupid ass haircut" one-armed Russian agent
Mulder kisser
Who is Alex Krycek? Do you know? Does anybody know? Want to talk about it? [1]
What is an APA?

An APA is a private, amateur fanzine, produced on paper and distributed by snail mail, consisting of submissions from its members. It can include letters of comment, discussion, story ideas, drawings, photographs, or whatever the members decide to contribute. The submissions are assembled by the APA coordinator, who makes copies and mails them to each member. Members are expected to contribute enough money to cover the costs of copying and mailing their issue of the APA, but there is no other charge to belong. The APA is available only to the members of the group. It is not sold or otherwise distributed to anyone who is not a participating member.

With WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN, I'm hoping to create a forum for more in-depth discussion of Alex Krycek. I'd like to talk about who he is and where he came from. Was he really an FBI agent? How did he come to work for the Smoking Man? How does he feel about the things he's done? Is he a professional hit man, a double agent, a Russian mole? And of course, the really big question--what will he do next?

All views are welcome, and there is no censorship or restriction on the nature of the discussion. An age statement (18+) from members is required.

The fine print:

  • The APA is completely unofficial. It is not affiliated with 1013, Fox, or any other organization related to the X-Files.
  • The APA is about the character, Alex Krycek. It is not about Nicholas Lea. [2]


WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN is a quarterly Krycek-oriented APA. It is an "in-house" publication, by and for members. If you don't contribute, you can't receive mailings. Issues are not to be sold, copied, or otherwise distributed outside the membership. Each member is her own editor and solely responsible for the content of her contributions. We have a limit of 25 members maximum; if we reach that limit, there will be a waiting list.

Because we intend to have no restriction on the discussion of sexually explicit or other adult topics, members must be over 18 and submit a signed age statement in order to join.

This is a slash-friendly APA. We welcome all viewpoints, and encourage everyone to play together nicely!

In order to join, please send your initial dues, age statement, and letter of introduction or other first submission to:

Cody Nelson P.O. Box 15184 San Francisco, CA 94115 USA

DUES: Initial dues will be $15.00/year, to cover postage and copying costs. ($20.00/year outside the U.S.) This is an estimate of what it will cost to copy and mail four issues per member. The actual cost of each zine will be deducted from the member's initial payment, and when her account falls below the estimated cost of one issue, she will be asked to send another payment. Each member will receive a statement of her account with each issue, and she may withdraw from the APA at any time and receive a refund of any unused balance.

Make checks or money orders payable in U.S. dollars to Cody Nelson. Cash is okay, but at the sender's risk.

DEADLINES: Deadlines for submission will be approximately every three months. Issues will be published when a sufficient number of submissions have been received. Each issue will contain at least six submissions from its members.

MINIMUM CONTRIBUTION: Minimum activity to remain a member will be one page every other mailing. Members who fail to meet this requirement will not receive any further issues until they have sent a submission. We understand that Real Life occasionally interferes with fannish pursuits, but without contributions from its members, there is no APA!


Anything to do with Alex Krycek, whether it be LoCs, essays, poetry, filks, fiction, cartoons, zine reviews, puzzles, artwork, etc. Anything to do with Nicholas Lea: reviews of his other series, movies, etc., interviews, whatever. Anything to do with the X-Files, though we would like to keep this APA concentrated on Krycek. Please print single-sided and use standard 8-1/2" x 11" or A4 white paper. (Colored stock doesn't photocopy well.) Single space, and leave at least a half-inch margin on all edges. (If you use A4 paper, please leave enough margin on the top and bottom of the page so that it can be cut down to 11 inches.) Also, knowing the US Postal Service, we prefer good photocopies to originals!

Submissions will also be accepted by email.

Everyone's first contribution should include a letter of introduction. Some of the questions you may wish to answer in this letter:

Name and address How you were introduced to XF fandom Why you are interested in Krycek Favorite XF episodes, zines, stories Favorite non-XF series, books, characters, etc. Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Clubs and organizations you belong to Hobbies, other fandoms you are active/interested in Which zines have your stories, art, etc. appeared in? Anything else you want us to know about you: age, job, etc. (Answering these questions is optional! This is a friendly little APA, not the Spanish Inquisition!)

There is no restriction on submitting material that has been posted to Internet mailing lists or websites. However, please keep in mind that most of your fellow members are experienced Net users, and will enjoy the APA more if the material in it is new to them. If you wish to post your stories, articles, artwork, etc. to the Net after they have appeared in the APA, feel free to do so, but please wait a few months after the issues have been mailed out, so that the other APA members will have the chance to read them first.

APA stands for Amateur Press Association. In its original form, each member of an APA was a fanzine editor. Each period, she produced a zine, sending a copy to all the other members. Thus, if there were 30 members, each received 29 different zines each period.

Most modern APAs are somewhat modified from the original form. Members are required to produce only a page or two, not entire zines. The copying and mailing are centrally handled. Each member receives one zine each period, to which she has generally contributed one article. Thus, it is similar to an Internet mailing list distributed by snail mail, where the APA coordinator is the "listserv" who collects the posts, assembles them, and remails them to the membership.


I understand that WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN may contain sexually explicit material, same-sex or het. I am over 18 years old and consent to receive this material.



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