Nicholas Lea

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Name: Nicholas Lea
Also Known As: NL, Nick Lea, Nic Lea
Occupation: actor
Medium: television
Works: The X-Files, Once a Thief, V, Arrow, Continuum, Earth Angels, Kyle XY, others
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Nicholas Lea (born Nicholas Christopher Herbert on June 22, 1962, in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada) is a Canadian actor known for his role as Alex Krycek on The X-Files. Other roles include Tom Foss on Kyle XY.

Lea's first major TV role was an appearance as police officer Enrico Caruso in the TV series The Commish, in which Melinda McGraw also played a part. Before his role as Alex Krycek, Lea had a supporting role as Michel in the X-Files episode "Gender Bender". Chris Carter was so fond of this performance that he eventually hired Lea for the role of Krycek.

In 2006 Lea starred in the Canadian TV series Whistler, for which he also served as an associate producer.

Over the years, he has guest starred in many TV series, including NYPD Blue, Andromeda, Burn Notice, Sliders, Highlander: The Series, Judging Amy, and CSI.

In 2016, Lea was featured in the fan-documentary X-Philes - Ils voulaient croire.



Lea has been subject to Actor RPF, especially in X-Files RPF and Supernatural RPF.


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