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Dates: 1998 (1995) - today
Type: fan site
Fandom: The X-Files

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Contents is a Nicholas Lea fan page. It features FAQ, bio, credits, articles, interview sound files, video clips, images, information about his characters (especially Alex Krycek from The X-Files and Victor Mansfield from Once a Thief), and other fun stuff.

I created this site back in 1995, mainly because I was tired of answering the same questions over and over again. I was going to call it A Nick Lea FAQ, but there was already a page by that name, so I called it A Nick Lea Bio instead. It soon outgrew its original home on AOL, and I moved it to BestWeb, which offered a whopping 25 Mb of space for a personal home page.
Everything was fine until November 1998, when BestWeb informed me that they were going to start enforcing the limit - and that I was 10 Mb over. Oops. The site was so large it was becoming hard to maintain, with parts of it stashed all over the Internet. And I didn't have as much time to spend on it as I used to. It was time to bite the bullet and pay for real webhosting. I decided to register a domain name as well, so I'd never have to switch URLs again. And I changed the name, to better reflect the nature of the site (which had expanded greatly since its beginnings). Hence, on November 28, 1998, A Nick Lea Bio became[1]


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