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Name: The Nick Zone
Dates: 2001-today
Type: fanfic archive, e-zine, resource page
Fandom: The X-Files, others
URL: (circa 2004) (today)

The Nick Zone today
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The Nick Zone is a site for celebrating the work of Nicholas Lea, the actor who played Alex Krycek on The X-Files.


circa 2004

Circa 2004 the site featured:

  • Mulder/Krycek Archive - M/K slash fanfic
  • The Characters of Nicholas Lea - information about the characters the actor has played
  • Art for Art's Sake: The Mulder/Krycek Art Gallery (wallpapers), The Nick Lea Character Art Gallery (gen manips of the 1990s variety)
  • The Alex Annex - "The X-Files - various episodes beginning with "Sleepless" in 1994 and continuing to the very end of the series, although A.D. Skinner executed him in the season finale at the end of Season 8 - a clunker called Existence. We discard it!" - "What We Did To Alex" by Katherine F. He was just a bad guy in a bad suit when we first met him, with no story of his own. We thought we could take advantage of that. We thought that if we gave him a story, he'd do what we wanted.
  • Zone Zine (2002) and Zone Zine II (2003) - e-zines.
  • Other interesting links and fun stuff

Since then the layout has changed but the structure is mostly the same.