Zone Zine

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Title: Zone Zine
Publisher: dossier
Editor(s): Sue Ashworth
Date(s): 2002, 2003
Medium: CD, timed out 2004 to online format
Fandom: Multimedia (Multiple Fandoms) & Nick Lea
Language: English
External Links: The Nick Zone: Zone Zine 2002, Zone Zine 2003
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Zone Zine is a slash anthology on CD.

Summary from a distributor: "A collection of stories containing characters that actor Nick Lea has brought to life, such as Alex Krycek from The X-Files, Victor Mansfeld from Once a Thief and Cory Raines from the Highlander episode, 'Money No Object,' all captured on these CDs, along with music, song vids, gorgeous wallpapers and heartstopping screensavers."

Issue 1

Zone Zine 1

Artwork: Laylya B. (front cover) Dr. Ruthless, Eisa, Laylya B, Josie, Wildy, Carla Jane (internal)

Issue 2

Zone Zine 2

Artwork: Sophie Raven (front cover) Dr. Ruthless, jamwired, Laylya B, Leann, Sophie Raven, Marcia Elena, dossier, kAnd, Speedo, Carla Jane (internal)