Harsh Realm

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Name: Harsh Realm
Abbreviation(s): HR
Creator: Chris Carter
Date(s): October 8, 1999 – May 19, 2000
Medium: TV Series
Country of Origin: Canada
External Links: Wikipedia
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Harsh Realm is a science fiction television series about humans trapped inside a virtual reality simulation. It's based on the comic of the same name by James D. Hudnall und Andrew Paquette. It's considered part of the Carterverse since it shares some actors, especially Mr. Ten Thirteen Terry O'Quinn and motifs from the other shows by Chris Carter.

The Harsh Realm is a military simulation, a kind of virtual reality where people dive for money to live in a World of Warcraft-like world and to train themselves as wizards or the like.

In the series, this virtual world goes online in October 1995 and shortly afterwards the United States is hit by a nuclear strike. This uses Omar Santiago to gain control over Harsh Realm. Lt. Tom Fobbes sits in the Harsh Realm, because no one can leave the virtual world by Santiaga's takeover.



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