X-Philes - Ils voulaient croire

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Title: X-Philes - Ils voulaient croire
Creator: Christopher Clements and Maria Bowens
Date(s): Feb 20, 2016
Medium: live-action
Length: 91 min
Genre: documentary
Fandom: X-Files
Topic: X-Files fans (X-Philes) and French view of the X-Files phenomenon
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X-Philes - Ils voulaient croire is an 90-minute French fan documentary about The X-Files and it's fans from 2016. It was partly crowdfunded.[1]

Fans of different nationalities (US-American, English, French, Canadian, Italian, German, Indian, Chilean,...) long time or new fans, are all gathered in front of the camera to share their passion. Switching between TV journalists' and fan interviews, the documentary «They wanted to believe» is a trip to the heart of the biggest series of all time. Emotions, memories but also open-hearted testimonies of this documentary will make this documentary a proof of the eternal cultural impact the X-Files had during so many years.



"X-Philes: They Wanted to Believe" is a documentary about the highlights of the X-files frenzy. Why ? The fans, the journalists who helped make this series a phenomenon of society, the fan-club are all elements that have made the series a cultural and television phenomenon.

With the arrival of the new episodes of X-Files, it was useful to return to the French phenomenon. In 1994, it could not be imagined that a series of science fiction called AUX FRONTIERES DU REEL would overthrow the French serial landscape and obviously international.

It is through testimonies of fans who fed the phenomenon and of journalists who followed that the documentary X-PHILES they wanted to believe wants to account for the influence of the series X-FILES.



Since 2012 a group of French and Italian Philes has been working on a documentation called X-Philes - Ils voulaient croire which translates into X-Philes - They wanted to Believe. In 2013, a teaser trailer was released on Youtube[2].

The documentation features the French view of the X-Files phenomenon and its fans since the show was broadcasted in 1994 under the title Aux Fronties du Reel.

On 20 February 2016, the 90-minute Blue version of the documentary was released on Youtube, but unfortunately still only available in French.

It contains exclusive interviews with actors William B. Davis, Nicholas Lea, fanclub founder William Wegimont as well as French journalist and presenter Stéphane Evanno.