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Synonyms: Neophile, newbie, baby-phile, Baby phile
See also: Bitter Old Fanfic Queen, X-Phile
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Babyphile is a ambiguous portmanteau term consisting of "baby" and "X-Phile" that has been used since the early 1990s[1] in Philedom which may refer to:

  1. A new fan of The X-Files who just recently became a fan of the show[2] (sometimes also referred to as "neophile"). One of the first uses of this term with this definition was during the 2012 X-Files Paley Event by an X-Phile in the audience.[3]
  2. A fan who was born after 2002 when the original run of the show ended (see also Second Wave or second generation fans).
  3. The offspring of one or more X-Philes who is exposed to the fandom and thus most likely will become or became a fan by proxy.[4]

The is term usually used as a self-description in X-Files fandom to indicate that some one is not yell well-versed in fandom history and/or the show's canon and fandom.

"If you call Mulder and Scully "Sculder", everbody in fandom will know that you were born after the Millennium *lol* #babyphile #neophile."
Are you all long-time Philes or are any of you watching for the first time? What got you into The X-Files?

"Carolyn and Vanessa have been watching since they were in middle school. They are both long-term and hard core Philes. Amanda is a Baby-Phile whom they are leading through the Mulder and Scully journey."

Introducing Not Another X-Files Podcast, by Keva Andersen, November 26, 2015 on XFilesNews
When did you become an X-Phile?

"I'm pretty much a "Baby-Phile" - I started watching The X-Files in October 2014 and became hooked immediately."

FanArt Wednesdays - Milly Packham by XFN Staff On July 22, 2015 on XFN
"2 Philes and A New Born Long time X-Files fans Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by fellow improv comedian and baby-phile new comer Patrick Reidy."
snippet from the 2 X-Philes and a Newborn Podcast Describtion on
Can I just give a shout-out to all the Baby Philes out there (and to me that pretty much includes anyone under 30).😊 It makes me so happy that folks who are an entire generation younger than me have discovered and love XF as much as I do. 😘
@JennX on Twitter, 27 Feb 2019



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