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Synonyms: Neophile, newbie, baby-file
See also: Bitter Old Fanfic Queen, X-Phile
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Babyphile is a ambiguous Portmanteau term used in Philedom which may refer to:

1) a new fan of The X-Files that just recently became a fan of the show[1] Sometimes also referred to as "neophile".
One of the first usages if this term with this definition was first used during the 2012 X-Files Paley Event by an X-Phile in the audience.[2]
2) a fan that was born after 2002 when the original run of the show ended (see also Second Wave or second generation fans).
3) an offspring of one or more X-Philes which is exposed to the fandom and thus most likely will become or became a fan by proxy.[3]

"If you call Mulder and Scully "Sculder", everbody in Fandom will know that you were born after the Millennium *lol* #babyphile #neophile."



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