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Podcast is a Portmanteau consisting of broadcasting and the name of portable MP3 players, iPods, which are directly connected with the success of podcasts. It refers to the offering of subscribable media files (audio or video) over the Internet.

Not to be confused with Podfic, in which fan fiction, which is similar to an audio book, read aloud and then made available for download and/or streaming.

Below is an overview of podcasts that deal with The X-Files, sorted chronologically in ascending order.[1]

X-Philes on File

first X-Files related podcast ever. Unfortunately, all episodes are now offline.

Re-Opening the X-Files Podcast

The X-Files Broken Sea

XFN Studio at

Agent Shadow's Field Reports (X-Files) / Snow TraX

The eXplodey Files


  • official website:
  • Hosts: Agent Shadow (information) and Angela (Shipper), Agents Stone and Summer
  • started: January 8, 2011
  • Episodes: 125+
  • Status: active

Sunset Cast - The X-Files

Intro to X: This Podcast is Out There

Bureau 42 X-Files Retrospective

The K Files | An X Files Podcast

The X-Files After Show

The Hey Remember ... The X-Files

The X-Files Files

Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast

Chin Stroker VS Punter

The X-Files Podcast

The XX Files Podcast

Discussion of individual episodes

Filed Under X - Aussie's Talking X-Files

2 X-Philes and a Newborn Podcast

The X-Cast An X-Files Podcast

We Still Believe: The X-Files Podcast from Golden Spiral Media

The X O Files

Series Cast: X-Files

Believe and Trust No 1 /// To X-Files Podcast

X-Files Diaries (XFD)

The podcast initially was started by Agents Charlie, Nick, and Annie to discuss Season 10 of the show.

X-Files Diaries features Annie (@xfilesdiaries) & Jenn (@jennxphile), X-Philes who decided to take their shared enthusiasm and shipper perspective to a podcast!

The Truth is Out There X-Files Podcast

X Files X Philes - The Good The Bad And The Odd explicit

The SeX Files

We chat about feminism and The X-Files. listen and rage along with us ūüĎĹ‚ôÄ

Sammensværgelsen - en dansk X-Files Podcast

Host Daniel interview actors and filmmakers from the show and discusses episodes in Danish in his podcast which translates to "The Conspiracy"

I Want To Rewatch: An X-Files Podcast

Join Tori, a nerdy UFO buff, and Nic, a former UFO conspiracy theorist turned paranormal-loving scientific rationalist, as they rewatch The X-Files. Tori was a huge fan as a teen, but hasn’t seen the original episodes in over a decade. Nic watched the first season when it originally aired, but nothing beyond that. Together they'll watch one episode per week and try to figure out if the truth is still out there...

Believe Me: Creative Minds and The X Files

Join jack of all creative trades, master of at least one, Chris Boyd on a lo-fi series of encounters as he catches up with uniquely talented friends, acquaintances and strangers from the worlds of film, comedy, music and theatre to discuss how they think and how art and culture has shaped their creative process. Plus up to ten minutes of enthusiastic X Files chat.

Podcasts related to Season X

The announcement and broadcast of the 10th X-Files season resulted in several new podcasts, which focus on the the six new episodes.

Black Oil and Bee Stings - An X-Files Podcast

"The Officially Unofficial podcast for The X-Files on FOX."

X-Files Addicts

"Christine and Dianne discuss the latest X-Files episodes, news, spoilers and more on this weekly show."

Exploring the X-Files

"A podcast that takes a look at a different X-Files episode each week, including the new 2016 series."

Mulder, it's us: To X-Files Podcast

"The X-Files is back! Join Candi and Jen with a week by week rundown of Season 10 plus coverage of hard hitting topics and questions like: The pain of losing The Lone Gunmen and how to cope. Why does Skinner have such a sweet hip sway when he walks? Why did it take Candi 15 years to realize Mulder was married pre-X-Files? Why does Bill Scully hate everything?"

X-RATED: The X-Files Podcast - POST / POP PODCASTS

"Jed & Daniela from the SMEGHEADS podcast, turn their attention to the new Season of X-Files for a limited edition run of 6 episodes! As well as discussing the episodes, at the end of every one, they speak to David Lieve Hart from 'Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!' about his experiences being abducted by aliens."

Rethinking The X Files

"A companion podcast to the TV show 'The X Files'."

Believe the Lie - X-Files Recap & Review

"Excited for the 2016 reboot of X-Files? Yeah, we are too. Each week we discuss the latest episode. This is a podcast for those fans who like to speculate, dissect story, and get into the nitty gritty of what makes the X-Files so great."

The Truth Is Out There: The Unofficial The X-Files Podcast

"The Truth Is Out There is the unofficial The X-Files internet radio show exclusively on During each episode, the co-hosts are going to recap, review and dissect the latest episode of the hit FOX series. The co-hosts are also going to deliver directly to you the biggest news regarding The X-Files."

X Casts the Pod

"A podcast discussing the return of The X-Files."

the x files - Legion

Gin & Topics Podcast

"Slightly tipsy takes on pop culture and fandom. The X Files, Jane Austen, Star Trek, LoTR, etc."

Fox Mulder Is A Maniac

"Gather around and hear the story of Fox Mulder: TV's greatest lunatic. In this inaugural episode of Fox Mulder Is A Maniac, hosts Dave and Tom lay out the thesis and format for the podcast, as well as dive into the many acts of insanity within very first episode of The X-Files."

Other Podcasts

Chillpak Hollywood Hour

The approximately one-hour broadcast is co-hosted by Langly actor Dean Haglund and filmmaker Phil Leirness since 2007, covering current issues in the film and television industry. Former companions and colleagues (including Tucker Smallwood) are occasionally guests.

recommended single episodes of podcasts

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