Bill Scully, Jr.

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This article is about the oldest Scully sibling You may be looking for Scully's son.

Name: Bill Scully, Jr.
Relationships: older brother of Dana, Melissa and Charles Scully
Fandom: The X-Files
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William "Bill" Scully, Jr. is an X-Files character that the fourth and fifth season of the show, mainly during the cancer-arc and Emily-arc episodes.

He is mainly shipped with his wife Tara. There are no know rare pairings. Common Tropes include Caught in the act (Bill catches Mulder and Scully).

Fan Comments

Just like Diana Fowley, he is a character fans love to hate[1][2]. He is despised by the majority of Mulder/Scully shippers and Scully fans upon introduction since he is unabashedly critical of Mulder and dismissive of Scully's career and life decision like joining the FBI, continuing to work with Mulder or trying to adopt her own biological daughter, Emily.

Bill in part blames both his sister and Mulder for the accidental shooting of Melissa (although the bullet was intended for Dana) and he also somewhat blamed Scully for her developing brain cancer.

Tell me about one time Bill jr was kind to Mulder [3]

I bet during their separation Bill was the type of brother that was always trying to set Scully up with one of his friends which I'm sure pissed Mulder off to no end lol![4]

Tara pisses me off almost as much as Bill and Mrs. Scully do. I spend most of this episode wanting to tell them all to shut up.[5]

Bill Scully just dunked on Mulder, as if he ain’t a shit brother-“let her die with dignity”???? Shut the fuck up, you didn’t even come see her after the abduction

(...)Bill Scully makes points sometimes, but they’re not valid [6]

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