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Name: Emily Christine Sim
Relationships: daughter of Dana Scully, half-sister of William Scully and Baby Scully-Mulder. Grand-daughter of Maggie Scully, niece of Bill Scully, Jr. and Charles Scully
Fandom: The X-Files
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Emily Sim is the biological daughter of Dana Scully on the X-Files. She is portrayed by Lauren Diewold.

The three episodes of X-Files' season 5 she appears in are refered to a the Emily-arc in Philedom:

  • 5X05 Christmas Carol
  • 5X07 Emily
  • 5X17 All Souls

Some canon

Not much is known of the life of the three year old Emily. She was adopted by the Sims after her birth and lived in San Diego. She suffered from severe anemia. When her adoptive mother, Mrs. Roberta Sim, dies, Scully investigates, noting the striking resemblance between her deceased sister Melissa and Emily. Investigations initially reveal that the DNA of Melissa and Emily match, where another test shows later that Dana Scully is indeed the mother of Emily Sim. Scully then decides to adopt the girl, which is declined by the court and Emily eventually dies from complications of her illness.

Emily in fanworks

Emily is a popular character in fanworks, especially fan fiction. One of the most popular genre that feature Emily are AUs, ScullyAngst and mytharc stories.

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