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Synonyms: Scully Angst
Related: Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Scullytorture
See Also: MulderAngst, SkinnerAngst, KrycekAngst
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ScullyAngst is an Philedom term which is used since the early 1990s to describe Fanworks where Scully is experiencing emotional distress. The term does also function as an X-Files fan fiction genre. Due it's popularity in the X-Files fandom in mid 1990s an extra category was created for the 1996 SpookyAwards and the 1998 SpookyAwards.

ScullyAngst is present both in canon (for example in the Redux arc or the Cancer Arc) as well as in fanon.

Use of the term on ATXF and ATXC

On of the earliest use of the term where it was used as a Fanworks genre was in 1995 where it was used to describe the Fanvid "Strange World" that was set to a Sarah McLachlan song of the same name [1]

The earlies post that usage the term on 2/23/96 was in the author notes for the story "Painted Moods" by R.MCCormack.[2]




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