Scully Angst Archive

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Name: Scully Angst Archive
Date(s): 1999 (?) -
Archivist: Ellen M.
Founder: Ellen M.
Type: angst
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: Scully Angst Archive (This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.)
Poor Dana (late 1999, now defunct)
Poor Dana - the ScullyAngst Archive.jpg
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Scully Angst Archive is an archive for ScullyAngst. It has the subtitle "Poor Dana".

The site design is by analise.

At one point, the site hosted 233 stories.

From the welcome page: "This is an archive of mostly vignettes dealing with ScullyAngst. I hope to one day make this the definitive site for ScullyAngst fiction. I dod want to say, however, that some stories in the archive contain both Mulder and Scully angst, but that shouldn't be a problem. Also, all stories rated NC-17 are clearly marked as such."