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Synonyms: cancer-arc
See also: Character Death, ScullyAngst, MSR, Redux arc
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Cancer-arc is a very popular X-Files fan fiction genre which features mytharc stories that take place between the shows' season 4 episode Leonard Betts and season 5 episode Redux II that deal with the Scully's diagnosis, her reaction and the reaction of the people about the diagnosis and struggle to find a cure. These kind of stories are usually also MSR.

In the show's canon the following episodes are considered as the cancer arc:

  • Leonard Betts
  • Never Again
  • Memento Mori
  • Zero Sum*
  • Elegy
  • Gethsemane*
  • Redux*
  • Redux II*

* these episodes are also considered as/called the Redux arc.

The following episode allude to the Cancer-Arc in canon

  • Season three episode The Blessing Way could also be considered the beginning of the Cancer-arc since that is when Scully discovers the chip and has it removed from her neck.
  • season three two-parter Nisei/731 - dealt with the revelation that other abductees recognized Scully and that they all had cancer. This includes Penny Northern who played a prominent role in season four's Memento Mori.
  • season four episode Unruhe first hinted at the illness

Initially, Never again was scheduled to be aired befireLeonard Betts. Gillian Anderson has been quoted that had she have known that Scully had already had a suspicion bout having cancer, she would have played the part in Never Again differently.[1]

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