Chronicle X Interview with Dasha K

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Chronicle X Interview with Dasha K
Interviewer: uncredited
Interviewee: Dasha K
Date(s): 1999 or 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): X-Files
External Links: Interview with Dasha K (Chronicle X); copy
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Chronicle X Interview with Dasha K was conducted in 1999 or 2000 by the Chronicle X archive.

Some Excerpts

I always say that my first fanfiction writing was in junior high, when my friends and I were into hockey and I wrote a 200 page opus about how Dino Ciccarelli of the Minnesota North Stars met and fell madly in love with [my best friend]. I took a lot of writing classes in high school and college and wrote tons of stories, but once I graduated, I stopped writing almost entirely. It was horrible to be so blocked for so many years. Then I found XF fanfic and I was a goner. Boom! Writer's block gone. And I still maintain that I've learned more from writing fanfic than from all the writing classes I ever took.
I first heard inklings about fanfic a few years ago, in a book of essays I read about Star Trek: the Next Generation. I enjoyed that show and always wanted to write some fanfic for it, but the phasers and warp drives and all in the Trek universe intimidated me. And then I started watching XF, but had no idea there was this wild world of XF fic out there. I thought it was just a Trek thing. Definitely the incompleteness of the Mulder/Scully relationship portrayed on the screen got me thinking about the possibilities of fiction. I always wanted to know what happened when the credits rolled- what they did when they were at home, how they spent their free time, how the things they'd endured affected their psyches. The cancer arc really got me thinking about Scully, and how her ordeal had to have changed her. I wanted to express that somehow and then I finally got internet access. One March night...
I love how the traditional gender roles have been largely swapped with them, how Scully is rational and often hard to read emotionally, and Mulder tends to believe to the point of gullibility and is quicker to show his soft underbelly. I love the dynamic between them, the bond they have developed by enduring so many tragedies together. Yes, it's often unhealthy, but they make the most of a tough situation. And even though I would love to see them take their relationship to a new level on the show, I do appreciate how theirs is a relationship of trust, mutual respect and admiration for each other's minds. That's rare on television.
The first story I read was so awful, I don't want to mention it. One night I couldn't sleep so I just started cruising through the newsgroups and I stumbled upon ATXC. I hated the first story, and thought they all were going to be terrible. But then I read a recommendation for Rachel Anton's "Volition Unbound" and I somehow found Gossamer and read it. It blew my mind. Mulder and Scully having SEX? OH MY GOD! I embarked on a month-long gorge of fic, only raising my head from the computer to eat, work and sleep once in a while. Once I found Lydia Bowers' "Dance Without Sleeping," I was a lost case forever.