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Synonyms: XFFF,XF-FF, XFFanfic, XF-fic
See also: Trekfic, X-Files-Fanfic, XF, TXF
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XF Fic (rarely XF-fic or X-fic, more commonly also XFFanfic) is a term for X-Files fan fiction in Philedom.

It is an older term which was first used in the late 1990s on usenet discussions like ATX and ATXC. A similar phrase is Trekfic.


One of the earliest usage of the term can be found in this request from May the 6th 1996 that was posted to alt.tv.x-files.creative:

Sorry to waste the creative bandwidth on this, but I've been looking for a X Files / Due South / Forever Knight crossover story that was posted here some months back. Unfortunately, I can't find it on my disks of XF fic and I can't remember the title or author. Can anyone help me track this story down?

REQUEST: looking for FK/DS/XF crossover by antrim posted on 5/6/96

and on September 14, 1997 in alt.tv.x-files:

For all you returning fan fic readers, I posted a review of the Summer in XF fic on ATXC. If you can't get the creative group, let me know....

by lore 9/14/97 title = REVIEW: Summer fan fic, '97 by lore, Archived version

More recent usage

It's still prevailing in the 2000s and 2010s.

For example, on LiveJournal, the term has been used for tagging [1]

The tumblr fan fiction rec blog txf-fic-chicks named themselves after the term.[2] On the tumblr plattform, various variations are currently used by fan authors to tag their works, including:

On Archive of Our Own the "xf fanfic" tag has not been marked common and currently finds nine works.[3]