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Name:, aka ATX or ATXF
Date(s): December 1993 - present
Moderator: n/a
Type: Discussion
Fandom: The X-Files
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. (ATX) is a usenet group dedicated to discussion of The X-Files.

It is a sister list to,,, and alt.binaries.x-files.

Notable Events

  • The Limerick Hoax: A rumor perpetuated by gizzie, and others, that there was a "lost" X-Files episode set in Boston where Mulder wears a fisherman's sweater and encounters a leprechaun. The majority of the newsgroup took it at face value until one member stepped forward to reveal it was a joke.[1]
  • Luke, I am your father: In the first and second seasons of the show, there were persistent threads going around that had Scully as Mulder's secret sister, various people/things from episodes as their long lost gardener/second grade teacher/house plant, and so on. This started with a lot of Star Wars jokes about Mulder and the Cigarette Smoking Man.
  • Reportedly, in the first season of the show, a passenger manifest in one episode lists prominent atxf posters.
  • The Smoking Man was first coined on atxf. It was later referenced in canon as "Cancer Man".
  • For a while, the list was home to the much hated/much loved character RPG X-Ville.

Notable Persons

  • Laura Capozzola: Most prolific poster in the history of ATX, with 18,942 posts.[2]
  • Alan Hurshman: Second most prolific with 12,042.[2]
  • Gizzie: Third most prolific with 10,503.[2]
  • Edmund Jimenez: Troll.
  • a late 1990s directory to fans, a "who's who," is here

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