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The X-Files is a fandom of many, many in-jokes, acronyms, and fan-created glossary words. This list is far, far from complete.

The X-Files was the first internet-based fan base of the '90s, undoubtedly the forerunner to how we discuss and debate our favorite television shows online today.

From The X-Files: A History of the Fandom by Matt Allair

Since its early roots in usenet groups and because internet connections were slow and expensive (and X-Files episode titles being notoriously long), X-Philes started to abbreviate names and terms so they didn't had to write them repeatedly. They also coined some special terms, like shipper.

Some of these terms have prevailed, others have been forgotten by now. But even today, new terms and acronyms are created by the fandom (see 2008 and later). The creation and usage of certain terms coincides with the waves, three distinct periods of fannish activity for X-Files.

Using specialized terminology that hard to understand for an outsider (non fandom member) may have also have helped to build a feeling of community and like mindedness.


Excerpted from Weekly Post: Acronyms explained!, November 11, 1994, posted by Cliff K. Chen. It is unclear if Chen is the original creator.


  • ADBB "All Done Bye Bye--the message Mulder saw on his cellular phone at the very end of "Blood," now used as a sign-off at IRCs and at the ends of posts."
  • "C&C" "Confused and Cute--refers to Mulder's condition when he looks as though he just woke up and has that look on his face that says, "Huh?""
  • CITC "Conversation In The Car--refers to the exchange between Mulder and Scully in his car as they kept surveillance on Eugene Tooms in "Tooms." This is the conversation in which Scully cements their Partnership, telling Mulder, "I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you." Shortly thereafter she *does* put herself on the line, by lying to Skinner about Mulder's whereabouts when Eugene Tooms was supposedly assaulted, saying that she was with Mulder being "oriented" on the unauthorized surveillance."
  • CITDBTB "Conversation In The Dark By The Bed--this refers to the scene in the pilot episode, "The X-Files," in which Mulder tells Scully why he is so obsessed with abductions: he believes his sister, who disappeared when he was a kid and has never been heard from since, was abducted."
  • CSM and TSM Cigarette Smoking Man, and The Smoking Man
  • DDEB and GATB "David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade and the corresponding Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade--DDEB started as an email chat group on the Internet consisting of women who lust after Duchovny, and GATB naturally sprung up as the obvious counterpart for the guys. There is now talk of forming a DSTB (Dana Scully Testosterone Brigade) in deference to Anderson's marital status."
  • Duchovnik "General term for a fan of David Duchovny."
  • "E.B.E." "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. First used on THE X-FILES by Mulder in "E.B.E.""
  • IDDG "Intellectually Drop Dead Gorgeous--part of the motto of the GATB: "GA is IDDG!""
  • IMBS "Infamous Mosquito Bite Scene--refers to the scene in the pilot episode, just before CITDBTB, in which Scully discovers marks on her lower back that look suspiciously like those found on people who Mulder believes have been abducted and controlled by E.B.E.s (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). She runs next door to his motel room in her bathrobe, and in a panic, strips to her underwear and asks Mulder to examine the marks, which turn out to be mosquito bites, to her great relief."
  • "IWTCHU" (The) I Want To Cuddle Him Urge--refers to the sentiment evoked in many women every time Mulder gets beaten up. Coined by Kathy.
  • MIJ Mulder in Jeopardy
  • PTDT "Pass The Drool Towel." [1]
  • SIJ Scully in Jeopardy
  • "SRE" "Scully Rational Explanation--Any of the various explanations that Scully comes up with that are so far-fetched they almost make Mulder's explanations seem more credible, such as "a mountain lion," and (my personal favorite), "swamp gas" (both from "E.B.E."). First used by yours truly, SUe. An SRE list is currently being compiled."
  • The Magic Circle
  • UST "Unresolved Sexual Tension--refers to the undercurrent of romantic and sexual attraction between Mulder and Scully, something neither of them will acknowledge. UST does =not= (necessarily) have to be Resolved, at least not in the near future. This definition is not a Final Word, but to give people a common definition for basis of discussion. First used by LAG."
  • "V&C" "Vulnerable and Cute--refers to Mulder's condition most of the time."
  • "WPDF" "Wounded Puppy Dog Face--refers to the rather sad look Mulder often has on his face, somewhat reminiscent of a puppy that's been hit with a rolled-up newspaper."
  • "Yatta yatta yatta" "1. Phrase used by Duchovny in his AT&T commercial, meaning "etc.," or "and so forth." 2. When used in conjunction with a wink ;-), is the 90's equivalent of "hubba hubba hubba.""
  • YAXA "Yet Another X-FILES Acronym (plural: YAXAs*)--1. What we'll have if we add something else to this list. 2. Exclamation used upon the discovery of what might be Yet Another X-FILES Acronym, much like you would say "Bingo!""

After 1994 to present

1013 | GA | DD | MP | RP | AG | NL | WBD | Berserk Button | Carterlogue | Carterverse | CITC = Conversation In The Car/COTR = Conversation on the Rock (see also Conversation on the Log) | Duchovnut | EBE = Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (= an alien), may also refer to the episode with the same name | Forehead sex | Flukey | FTF | GAGC | GAWS | HR | Killer Kitty Kat Episode | The Well-Mannered Man[2] | Mister Ten Thirteen | MLM | Mulderism/Scullyism | Oiliens | Might Morphin Bounty Hunter | OS | Palm Pilot of Doom | Plam = The little pointy device used to kill clones, also known as Pfft or alien stilett | Purity (Control) = the "official" name for the Oiliens | Scully Marathon (also: Scullython) | "platonic activity" | Silly Gilly | Silversurfer | The Bob Institute | The Field where I cried | TLG | The Wong Brothers/The Wongs | TXF (also XF) | XFL | XFM = |

Abbreveations and terms used in the German-Speaking Fandom

AX = short form of Akte X, the German title of The X-Files | BV = Benjamin Völz, German voice actor, Fox Mulder's German voice (Season 1- 9, FTF) | DAGS = David and Gillian Shipper, see Gillovny | FP = Franziska Pigulla, voice actress, Dana Scully's German voice (Season 1-10 , FTF, IWTB) | TXF(.net) = used to refer to the X-Files page a community | P7/Klo7 = ProSieben (the German TV station that used and still airs The X-Files in Germany) | SOX = abbreviation for Spirit of X, a large, now defunct X-Files Fan fiction archive that contained German fanfic and podfics | Synchrogate | WOX = abbreviation for World of X, a large, still existing German X-Files fanfiction archive | XFM = abbreviation for


ABH = Alien Bounty Hunter | The Fowl One | DS (also: DKS = Dana Katherine Scully) | DT = Deep Throat (Mulder's informant in the first season) | FM (also FWM = Fox William Mulder) | Weasel-Boy or Ferret-Boy | John Gillnitz | Ratboy | Labboy | WFM = Well-Fed Man | WMM = Well-Manicured Man | WS |

Episode titles

LGM = Little Green Men | GIDM = Ghost in the Machine | DHDV = Die Hand Die Verletzt | CBFR = Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose | WotC = War of the Coprophages | JCfoS = Jose Chung's from Outer Space | TFWID =The Field Where I Died | MOACSM = Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man | PMP = The Post-Modern Prometheus | TRATB = The Red and the Black | PBV = Pine Bluff Variant | HTGSC = How the Ghosts stole Christmas | SUZ = Sein und Zeit | AT = all things | HAD = Hollywood, A.D. | FPS= First Person Shooter | DA (also D/A) = Dead Alive | TINH = This Is Not Happening | NIHT = Nothing Important Happened Today | TT = The Truth

X-Files Fan fiction terms

Bitter Old Fanfic Queen | case file | Cancer arc | Ice Queen | Machete Beta | MulderAngst/ScullyAngst | Muldertorture/Scullytorture | pre-XF | Profiler!Mulder | Post-ep | Post-Colonization | RST | Sallie safe | Smut | Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST)


From X-PLAINING ATXF part 3: acronyms and inside jokes, March 22, 2000:




!Mulder or !Scully | Shibes | Shipper Boy | Spotsy | Spudner/ Cancerboy/Ordinary Agent Spender) | Uniblonder | Estrogen Brigades | Fanfic | Fencesitters | Monster of the Week (MOTW) | Moose and Squirrel | Mytharc | NoRomos | Second Salmon | Shippers | Slash | the green Sweater of Sex | the Season of secret Sex| Twinkly Eyes | X-Philes | Xeminar


From [ X-Files Message Board Glossary], Archived version:

Darkside IntelliFiniShippers (DIFS) | Darkside Shippers | Monkies | Darkside Shippers or Darksiders | Bammers | Biscuits | Bod Squad | ShipHaps | Dippers | DRippers | Frickers | Frippers | Grippers | Misters | Skinny Dippers/SkinDogs | Scullyist | Snoggers | Snowden | Wearers | Wenches | X-philes | Surly Pectoral God | Shippers/Shippies | Shripper | Moose & Squirrel | Slipper fic | NoRomos/Noromos/noromos | Gunners/GunFen | IntelliShippers | Darkside IntelliFiniShippers (DIFS) | IntelliKryMulShippers (IKMS) | IntelliFiniShippers (IFS) | SKippers | Mulderist | Fencers/Fencesitters | Shrippers | Keepers/Keepership | Skampers | Mytharc/Mythology | Trolls | SKippers | Wenches | X-Ville | Finis Shippers/FiniShippers | IntelliFiniShippers | Rabid Shippers | True Shippers

From Fan-Terminologie_1_-_Fanarten:

Moronica | Dog | Bratboy | TCM = Toothpick-Chewing Man | Bothist

2008 and later

Andersexual | ATTHS | Babyphile | COTL = Conversation on the Log [3] (see also Conversation on the Rock) | ETC | Don't Give up/DGU | Fanderson | Gillovny | I don't want that darkness in my home. | IWTB | Paley Guy | Scully's and Mulder's vacation | the ugly Comforter of Intimacy | WWFBD | Unkle Frank | Unremarkable House (sometimes also Mulder's and Scully's unremarkable house) | The Dark Times/Dark Ages | Twitter Fuckery | TwirlGate |"Virginia is for lovers" | XF2 | XF3 | XFN | XFU


Cumin | Duchovniacs | Gorgan | Hickeygate | MASMTWM | Porch Scene | Ringgate | Season X | Tadgate | Wiggate | Wifegate


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