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Name: Matt Allair
Type: journalist, Big Name Fan, Webmaster
Fandoms: Carterverse, Harry Potter
Communities: The X-Files Lexicon
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Matt Allair is a journalist that is also Middle Name Fan of The X-Files and the webmaster/owner of The X-Files Lexicon and a contributor for Den of Geek. He interviewed Sarah Stegall for XFL as well as many people from cast & crew of the The X-Files, MillenniuM and The Lone Gunmen.

For Den of Geek he contributed articles about the Carterverse tv shows as well as Frank Spotnitz' shows Medici - Masters of Florence and The Man in the High Castle. He also interviewed Howard Gordon for the website.

He created The X-Files Lexicon in 2005 after being involved in the Harry Potter Lexicon and noticed that there was no similar resource site for The X-Files yet.

from Allair's mini biography on

A native of the San Francisco bay area, Matt Allair attended and graduated from The California College of Arts and Crafts with an arts bachelor’s degree in film and video production in the early 90s. He worked with various film projects in Los Angeles from 1995 to mid 1997, while attending classes through UCLA extension. While living back in the Bay Area he has been involved with a number of social justice documentaries, and has worked with esteemed documentation John Korty.

As a child, Matt was one of the first generation fans who saw Star Wars in May of 1977. Film is his life passion. In addition, Matt is a musician, whose father John Allair has worked with a number of notable musicians, when Matt has the spare time, he writes and arranges his own music. Writing and blogging has always been a passion, Matt founded The X-Files Lexicon in 2005, and the site has enjoyed a degree of recognition. An avid film scholar, he has interests in other areas, baseball and ice hockey. Matt is also a collector of old pulp magazines, with a passion for collecting issues of the science fiction pulp Amazing Stories, from the 20s through the 40s.