The X-Files Lexicon

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Name: The X-Files Lexicon
Owner/Maintainer: Matt Allair
Dates: 2005-present
Type: resource site
Fandom: The X-Files
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The X-Files Lexicon (abbreviated XFL) is an X-Files resource website operated by Matt Allair and several guest editors that offers exclusive interviews with people of Cast & Crew like Chris Carter or Mark Snow and X-philes like Sarah Stegal, episode guides and background information about phenomena.

Allair created The X-Files Lexicon in 2005 after being involved in the Harry Potter Lexicon and noticed that there was no similar resource site for The X-Files yet.

The episode guides feature Fanart by The X-Files Poster Project, the character dossiers works by Alison King. It is member of the The Syndicate network.

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