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Name: XFilesNews, XFN
Owner/Maintainer: Holly Simon (founder)
Dates: 31st October[1] 2007 - 2019[2]
Type: news website, community
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: http://xfiles.news
www.xfilesnews.com (defunct)
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XFilesNews (abbreveated as XFN) is an X-Files news website.

XFN reports, interviews and reviews the latest work of Cast & Crew of The X-Files and promotes the longevity of the legacy of The X-Files by organizing, supporting and promoting fan initiatives and charity events around the world such as the "What Would Frankenbear Do?" Campaign, X-Philes for Japan, Carterfox, among others. Currently, we spearhead the campaign for a 3rd X-Files movie alongside thousands of fan communities and hundreds of websites around the world.

About taken from XFN Facebook page

XFilesNews was originally created in October 2007 as a promotion by Holly Simon after the announcement of the production of the second X-Files feature film "The X-Files - I Want To Believe" (IWTB). It became an authorized 20th Century Fox (the owner of The X-Files franchise), official news site in July 2008. Originally the site was hosted on the domain xfilesnews.com, where it suffered several attacks by hackers. After the attacks and a falling out with their webmistress, the XFN website was discontinued and moved to various social media platforms (see Links).

As of October 2017, XFN can also be access again via http://xfiles.news .

XFN was the only fan site that was allowed on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of IWTB. After the release of the movie, XFN started to promote to release of the DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie.

The site features as blog section, where among other things, Frankenbear's travel could be followed.

In the community section, fanart creators ("FanArt Wednesdays"), vidders and fanfiction authors from the Philedom are featured regularly. There is also a fandom section and a selection of best tweets from X-Philes' online viewing parties as well as Tweet-a-Thons.

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