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Synonyms: I Want to Believe, XF2
See also: FTF, List of X-Files Acronyms and Terminology
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IWTB is the abbreviation for "I Want To Believe" and an ambiguous term used in the X-Files fandom which usually used to refer or tagging to the second X-Files feature film from 2008 of the same name.

It's scarcer used to refer to the print on Mulder's poster in the basement office which is used as comment to express somebody wants something to be true/happen.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe (movie)

The announcement of the production of the second feature film 2007 lead to the second wave in the X-Files fandom, where lot of old fans re-discovered their love for the franchise as well as many new fans joined the fandom.

Andincrease in Fanfiction could be observed as well as in Fanvids where vidder created "unofficial" trailer for the second film[1].






  1. X Files - "Just Believe" Trailer by Gene Harlow