Season 11 (X-Files)

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Synonyms: Season XI, season 11, The X-Files Event Series
See also: Season 10, Season X
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Season 11 is in the X-Files Fandom the semi-official name of the 10th canonical season the show that takes places after Season 10.

The name is a play on the roman number for 11 which is an X and an I, the number of the season and of course the show's title.

Confusion about the official name for Season 10 and Season 11

Initially, the episodes where announced by FOX as an event series, but after the release began to refer to the episode as Season 10. Even after the announcement of the 11th season, FOX sometimes still refers to the new seasons as Event Series for example on the Home Media releases and their press releases for season 11:

From the official synopsis:

Following the explosive events of 2016’s stunning finale, Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Mitch Pileggi will delight fans when they premiere an exclusive first look of the new 10-episode event series coming January 2018 to FOX!

On tumblr and twitter most posts about season 10 can be found with the tag #xf-season 11 and the less popular season xi tag.