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Name: Pic Fic - An X-Files Fan Fiction Archive
Date(s): December 4th 2008[1] - today
Archivist: Christine Leigh
Founder: Christine Leigh
Type: specialised archive
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: http://cleigh6.tripod.com/picfic/
Picfic archive.png
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Pic Fic - An X-Files Fan Fiction Archive is an specialised X-Files Fan fiction archive that was founded around the announcement of the second X-Files feature film I Want to Believe. It is hosted on tripod.

Many of the writers featured in the archive initially published their fan works on Livejournal and later tumblr. Some of the works have been posted to Archive of Our Own by now.


The stories are grouped by the time they take place in the X-Files canon:

  • Before features stories that take place after the season 9 series finale The Truth and before the events of the movie in January 2008
  • During take place around the movies events
  • after archives stories that happen after the movie
  • by title
  • by author

Notable authors

Works of the following fan favorites can be found in the archive, among others:

After the announcement of the The X-Files season 10 in 2016 and season 11 in 2017 tow additional categories were added as well.