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Name: Mitch Craig Pileggi
Also Known As: MP, Cumin (Gillovny fandom)
Occupation: actor
Medium: films, television,
Works: The X-Files, Tarzan (TV series), Stargate Atlantis, Sons of Anarchy, Dallas, Supernatural
Official Website(s): @official Twitter account
Fan Website(s):, Running in High Heels
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Mitch Pileggi (born April 5th 1952 in Portland, Oregon, USA) is an US-american actor known for his portrayal as Assistant Director Walter Skinner since the end of the final season The X-Files and both feature films. He played the recurring character of Colonel Steven Caldwell in the second season of Stargate Atlantis. He also played the recurring role of Sam and Dean Winchester's maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell, in the TV series Supernatural. Since 1996 he is married to Arlene Warren, who worked as a stand-in for Gillian Anderson on The X-Files. The pair has one daughter. David Duchovny was his best man at the wedding.

Fannish Engagement

The character of Walter Skinner and the actor who portrays him have a quite a fanbase in the X-Files fandom. The majority of the fans seem to be female.

Pileggi attended the Seattle X-Files Convention on October 13th 1996 and the several of the 10 The X-Files EXPOs. In 2013 he attended a panel with Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick at The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. In 2015 he also attended the Fan Expo Dallas. In 2015 he was part of 20 minute panel that was held after the screening of the first episode of The X-Files Event series at the New York Comic Con that also included Chris Carter and David Duchovny and hosted by Kumail Nanjiani.

In January 2011 Pileggi joined twitter with the handle @MitchPileggi[1], but deleted the account a few months later, citing that twitter was not his cup of tea. In February 2014 he joined twitter again with the account @MitchPileggi1. He engages a lot with fans via twitter where he answers questions or comments on recent topics.

Mitch Pledgies

MitchsPledgies are fans/supporters of Mitch Pileggi. The various social media accounts for Mitch Pledgies are run by Dita. Fans could submit questions to Pileggi that were answered via the Youtube account.

The fans also support the Pileggi supported charity by raising over $1000 for My evening with Mitch Pileggi – NYCC Off-Site Fundraiser.


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