Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade

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Fan Club
Name: Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade
Dates: early 1995-?
Founder(s): Paula Mackey, and Robin Mayhall, and an unknown fan
Country based in:
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Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade was one of the first estrogen brigades formed.

This one is for the actor who portrayed Walter Skinner on The X-Files.


This page is the home of the Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade. It contains information about the MPEB as well as Mitch Pileggi himself.

The MPEB was founded by myself, Paula Mackey, and Robin Mayhall at the beginning of 1995 as a fan club for women on Delphi Internet who admire Mitch and his work. The club soon expanded to include women on all services. Mitch is very familiar with the MPEB as I have had contact with him.

There is also a Mitch Pileggi Pheromone Brigade Mailing List. The MPPB-L is open to those who are 18 years of age or older. If you are interested in joining, please send and email to with your full name and a statement that you are over 18 and if you want digest format. [1]
Many fans of Skinner and Mitch Pileggi have written their own stories inspired by The X-Files and using characters from the show. Some of the best stories involving or including Skinner are listed here. You can read the PG-13 or milder stories right here; stories with adult themes must be requested by e-mail from their authors. [2]

Some Links


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  2. Archival Sites for X-Files Fan Fiction, March 1997