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Synonyms: Fight the Future, The X-Files Movie (1998), the (first) movie
See also: IWTB, hallway scene, List of X-Files Acronyms and Terminology
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In the X-Files fandom, FTF is the abbreviation for Fight The Future, the first X-Files feature film that was released on June 19, 1998 in the US.

The movie includes a scene where Scully comes to Mulder's apartment to tell him where she has been transferred to as punishment. Mulder confesses to Scully in the hallway what she means to him and his work, which leads to an almost-kiss between the two agents. The moment is interrupted by a bee that is carrying a virus that stings Scully, who collapses and is kidnapped.

The scene inspired lots of post-ep fanfics that deal with the "what if" the bee hadn't stung.


some examples of Fan works that are set around or during and/or inspired by the first movie