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Name: leiascully
Alias(es): gillyphile
Type: writer, moderator, artist
Fandoms: House, M.D., Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The X-Files, The West Wing, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Welcome to Night Vale, Firefly, Green Wing, Doctor Who RPF, Sports Night
Communities: smut_tuesdays on livejournal (abandoned) and Be Nice To Clint Barton on archive of our own (ongoing)
URL: leiascully on livejournal

lovelythings on dreamwidth leiascully on archive of our own

aimlessglee on tumblr
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leiascully is a fan writer and moderator.


Leiascully got into online fandom in 1999 via the Star Wars Chicks email list on YahooGroups and quickly submerged herself in fannish activities of all kinds. She was a super!mod on the now-defunct X-Files art board Creative from 2001-2002 and ran the art site I Want To Collage. In 2008 she was featured with a fan art in the The X-Files Advent Calendar. At various points in her fannish life, she has written fic, made collages and icons, created sprites, drawn and painted, created (admittedly ugly) websites, vidded, crafted, moderated fan exchanges, cosplayed, and podficced. She has written over 400 stories incorporating more than 40 fandoms.


leiascully has been active in numerous fandoms, particularly House, MD, where she established the Smut Tuesdays challenge, as well as Battlestar Galatica, Doctor Who, and others.

Over the years, Leiascully has written more than a million words of fanfic, about 910000 of which are currently posted on the internet. The rest have been taken down for various reasons or rightfully lost to the mists of time. She has participated in a variety of challenges, including Remix, Yuletide, Heroine Big Bang, and Kink Bingo.

Leiascully's writing consists of mostly shorter stories (<10K words). She has written a number of AUs, genderbending, and sexy stories. She originated the "Alex Kingston/Matt Smith" tag on AO3.

Notable Fanworks

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Welcome to Night Vale

Battlestar Galatica

The Time Traveler's Wife

House, MD

Doctor Who

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