The X-Files Advent Calendar

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Name: The X-Files Advent Calendar
Date(s): 2001-2017 (?)
Moderator(s): Steph, Decemberlady
Founder: Steph
Type: advent calendar
Fandom: X-Files
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The X-Files Advent Calendar was a The X-files fanart advent calendar. It was originally ran by Steph 2001-2004, but was taken over by Decemberlady in 2005.


1] Your collage can be any size at all as long as it's under 1 mb.

2] You can use any images you choose to... it does not have to be only about the X-Files. Just make sure it's Christmas related.

3] I must receive your collage 2 days prior to your calendar date. That means that the Dec. 1st collage will be due by midnite cst on Nov. 29th.[1]


  • 2005: Aimee, ATX, Christina, Decemberlad, Devin, Eloise, Jen Phillips, Jessi, Jill, Kris, Lazure, Leanne, Lisa, Lissie, Lois, Lori, Mandy, Mary, Mel, Melissa, Memento, Mercy, MF Luder, Oona, Philiater, Ranee, Red, Rieke, Sandee, Scooly, Terry, Touchstone, Unafraid, Valerie, Zatherran
  • 2006: Lori, Lois, Gillyphile, Touchstone, Lazure, charmedscaper, MF Luder, ATX, Ev, Oona, Karen, Mel, Decemberlady, Eloise, Mercy, Jen Phillips, Jordan, Scooly, sandee, Ranee, purenightshade, Vieh, unafraid, Mary, Kris, Coco, Claudia, Red, Megan, Jill, Duane Barry, bad-gallery
  • 2007: Memento, Kris, bad-gallery, Bellefleur, Karen, VX, Red, Zatherran, Jill, Unafraid, Lissie, Eleanora, Jen Phillips, Ruuger, Scooly, Rike, Eloise, Touchstone, Mel
  • 2008: Aimee, Bellefleur, Decemberlady, Devin, Eleanore, Goldfish, Jen Phillips, Jill, Karen, Kristen, Lazure, Leiascully, Lissie, Lois, Lori, Mel, Memento, Memoria, Oona, Ranee, Red_Scully, Rike, Rieke, Ruuger, Scooly, Touchstone, Unafraid, wabbit, Zatherran
  • 2009: Memento, wabbit, Alexandra, LeiaScully, Devin, Goldfish, Jen Phillips, Lori, Rieke, Aimee, Lissie, Scooly, Naira, Ranee, Rike, Touchstone
  • 2010: wabbit, Rieke, Red, Jen Phillips, bellefleur, Mel, Lissie, Yemayah, Lori, Leiascully, Rani, Goldfish, Jill, Decemberlady, MF Luder
  • 2012: Decemberlady, Jen Phillips, Leiascully, Lissie, Lois, Memento, MF Luder, Naira, Red, Rike, wabbit, Devin, Eloise, Goldfish, Bellefleur
  • 2012: Decemberlady, Jen Phillips, Leiascully, Lissie, Lois, Memento, MF Luder, Naira, Rani, Red, Rike, wabbit

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