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Name: SkypePhiles
Date(s): 2008 - 2013
Moderator: moxed42, DrTrish197, Bostonxphile
Type: Skype Group, Viewing Party
Fandom: The X-Files
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The SkypePhiles is a X-Files community which was founded in 2008 and was used for online Viewing Partys. X-Philes could join a skype group chat after adding one of the moderators to their contacts to watch and discuss X-files episodes together.

Schedules used to be hosted on the XFilesNews website when it was still active and on the moderator's[1] Big Light Network profile which is hosted on Frank Spotnitz' production companies website[2].

SkypePhile also launched and organized together with XFilesNews the Frankenbear World Wide Tour in 2009.