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Creator: Joy Castañeda (editor) (XFNProductions)
Date: Nov 25, 2008
Format: digital video
Length: 10:56 (9 minutes + credits)
Music: Hapsong and Perfect by Chris Sheader, There is always hope Garrett and Tiffany Devol
Genre: tribtute video
Fandom: X-Files
Footage: footage supplied by various fans
URL: online at youtube

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Place is an X-Files fandom video project from XFilesNews from 2008.

"X-Philes from 26 different countries gathered to explain the true meaning of 10:13 as a thank you to all The X-Files Cast and Crew that worked tirelessly to create the best show on television of the last 15 years."

For this, fans shot videos of themselves holding clocks with the digits/hand showing the time 10:13 and standing next to or in front of famous landmarks.

It features various clips from X-Files fans from all over the world that state in English and/or their native language the line "Where we/I am from..." and Tiffany Devol and other philes muse about the meaning of places. In the second half of the video, the fans yell "'s always 10:13", a nod to Chris Carter's (X-Files' creator) birthday and name of his production company. The number 1013 makes quite often an appearance in Carterverse tv-show and is kind of an easter egg/nod to the hardcore fans.

According to the video's youtube description, it has been seen over 136.000 times between You Tube and

The video "[is] dedicated to Cast & Crew of The X-Files and the wonderful X-Philes that are part of this wonderful fandom".