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For the Starsky and Hutch zine, see Ten-Thirteen.
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Ten Thirteen Productions is the name of the production company of Chris Carter. It was named after Carter's date of birth (10.13 = 13th October). During the production period of The X-Files it was located in a bungalow at the FOX Lot in Century City. The company's logo, which can be seen in the credits of each production, consists of a flickering movie projector that projects the words "Ten Thirteen" in block letters on a canvas and a boy (Nathan the son of Thierry Couturier) can be heard saying "I made this!".

The term is sometimes used synonymously by the X-Files fandom to refer to TPTB.


Ten Thirteen was founded in 1993 by Chris Carter for the production of The X-Files. After the success of the series, Carter also produced all the other series he had created. In 2002, after the end of the original run of the X-Files, the company dissolved, but re-established itself for the second film. The code name was "Crying Box Productions".


  • (1993 - 2002) The X-Files
  • (1996-1999) Millennium
  • (1998) The X-Files - The Movie
  • (1999-2000) Harsh Realm
  • (2001) The Lone Gunmen
  • (2008) The X-Files - I Want to Believe
  • (2009) Fencewalker
  • (2014) The After
  • (2015-2016) The X-Files Event Series
  • 2017 The X-Files Event Series 2


  • Chris Carter - CEO
  • Frank Spotnitz - President
  • Mary Astadourian - Vice President
  • Ken Horton - President
  • Jana Fain - Office Manager
  • (2007) Gabe Rotter - Director of Development