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Name: Glen Morgan
Also Known As: one half of The Wongs
Occupation: writer, producer, director, showrunner
Medium: films, television
Works: The X-Files, MillenniuM, Space: Above and Beyond, Final Destination, Intruders, Lore, The Others
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Glen Morgan (* in El Cajon, California) is a screenwriter, co-executive producer, consulting producer of The X-Files; Screenwriter/ executive producer on MillenniuM as well as co-creator of Space: Above and Beyond.


He is married to actress Kristen Cloke since June 13, 1998. He has a daughter, Chelsea Morgan, from his first marriage with Cindy Morgan and a son, Winslow Morgan (* June 21, 2002) and a daughter, Greer Autumn Morgan (June 2004) with Kristen Cloke.

He had his breakthrough as a screenwriter with his writing partner James Wong with The X-Files. At the end of the second season, they left the series to realize their own project Space: Above and Beyond. The series, however, was dropped after a season, and so Morgan & Wong returned to the X-Files on time for the fourth season. After a year, they left away again and took care of the second season of the series Millennium, also from Ten Thirteen. At the end of the second season the ways of Morgan / Wong and Carter separated and the two authors created their first major feature film Final Destination, which was so successful that 5 sequels have been produced by now.

Fannish Engagement

Morgan and Wong can be considered controversial in the X-Files fandom. On the one side, the episodes written by the team are praised for their quality and severeness (see Home),[1] on the other side, especially shipper are not happy with the way Mulder and Scully's relationship is treated in episodes penned by the Brothers Wong (see Never Again, The Field were I died). Together they created the fan favourites Langly, Frohike and Byers, better known as The Lone Gunmen which were introduced in the first season episode E.B.E..

Morgan attended with Wong and his brother Darin Morgan the The X-Files 20th Anniversary Reunion panel at SDCC 2012 and the Paley Festival in 2008.

Morgan took a picture with Carterfox to support the cause.

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