Space: Above and Beyond

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Name: Space: Above and Beyond
Abbreviation(s): SAAB, S:AAB
Creator: Glen Morgan, James Wong
Date(s): September 1995 – June 1996
Medium: television
Country of Origin: USA
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Space: Above and Beyond was a short-lived Space Opera television series created by James Wong and Glen Morgan after their departure at the end the second season of The X-Files. The first season originally consisted of 13 episodes, but due the successful sale in non US countroes, the season was expanded to 22 episodes. The show tells the story of 5 young members of the US Marine Corps who defend the Earth against enemy aliens, the Chigs.

The show has a small but very loyal fanbase.


Interactions with Fans

A 2008 comment by lapillus at The Long-Delayed Fourth Wall Meta:

A dozen years ago Space:Above and Beyond fandom had an incredibly permeable fourth wall, more so than I've heard about today -- admittedly I'm not in Bandom so I'm not sure just how much permeability there is there, generally, but certainly more than any of the TV or Movie-centric fandoms I know currently. S:AAB was on just when AOL was first getting big and folks who hadn't been online previously were giving it a try. This includes one of the producers, several of the actors, a whole host of the techie types not to mention the parents, siblings and nieces of those involved. It made for very interesting chats and some interesting email exchanges. It had a gathering where only about 50% of the attendees were fans, the rest being folks involved with the production or their relatives (it also had a zine which we basically ended up using like a school year book with everybody signing copies and yes, the folks involved with the production getting copies of it and of the vids I made). It's the only fandom I've been in where I've plotted vids based on unaired scripts (which yes, I had copies of). It was fun and wild and intense and on the balance didn't seem to hurt either side.

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