The Hot Corner

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Title: The Hot Corner
Publisher: Kimberly Murphy-Smith
Editor(s): Kimberly Murphy-Smith (Editor) and J. Calvin Smith (Manuscript Editor)
Date(s): 1999-2000
Medium: ezine
Fandom: Multiple Fandoms
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The Hot Corner is a multi-media ezine that ran for seven issues from 1999 to 2000.

From the first issue: "THE HOT CORNER is a quarterly amateur fanzine devoted to media-based fiction, fantasy, and horror stories and is published by Kimberly Murphy-Smith. Seeking material--fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, and artwork--on all forms of fantastic media."

Issue 1

From the publisher's website: "Primary Story: A stage version of the famous bible of Discordianism, "Principia Discordia: An Entertainment For Coffeehouse Theatre". Also: A tongue-in-cheek checklist from Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons for "How To Tell If Your Boss Is A Mysteron Agent"; A lull in the war between Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons allows Dr. Fawn to present his findings to the World Military commission on the Mysterons and puts Captain Scarlet "Under The Microscope"; the war between the Transformers and Decepticons reaches an explosive climax in "Upon Death's Door"; a radio report about a doctor's plea for The Shadow to return for needed medical treatment drags Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane into a murder mystery at a local charity hospital in "Hospitals Can Be Murder"."

Issue 2

From the publisher's website: "Primary story: Andy's being Charmed not by Prue, but by a unique serial killer--and only the Halliwell sisters can save him in "Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered". Also: MacGyver is getting some strange electronic communications in "E-Mail Mixup"; Marissa has a date and Gary ponders his feelings about her in an Early Edition interlude, "Intermezzo"; a man meets "Death" one morning in an original short story; a quiz of how well you know your TV theme songs; holiday shopping brings out some odd "Underground Heroics" in a Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons short-short; Lamont Cranston has the flu, and Margo Lane must rally the agents to help The Shadow stop an opium smuggling ring in "The Clouded Mind".

Issue 3

From the publisher's website: "Primary story: A hotshot businessman signs "The Contract" that may cost him his soul in an original story by Antoine Evans. Also: If you've ever wondered why characters in sci-fi stories do the dumbest things, John VanSickle has compiled a list of things characters should do to change these things, under the heading "The Things I Will Do If I Am Ever..."; Eduardo cares for a sick Kylie in an Extreme Ghostbusters short story, "Snow"; Cinderella and Prince Charming see a marriage counselor in the short-short "The Therapy Session"; reviews of The Birds II and Bride Of Chucky; One of The Shadow's agents is the latest victim of the "Hands Off" Murderer, and Lamont and Margo must enlist the aid of the police to stop the madness in a new short story. "

Issue 4

From the publisher's website: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Perhaps only someone on intimate terms with evil. In 1926, before The Shadow struck fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere, a Tibetan monk named Marpa Tulku brought a Western-born warlord named Ying Ko to face judgment and receive redemption. What happened next is the story in "Anything Is Possible...And Nothing Is Impossible", a novella-length prequel to the 1994 film version of The Shadow."

Issue 5

From the publisher's website: "Primary story: See what happens when the warriors of Space: Above And Beyond meet the New Edenites of Earth 2 in "Above And Beyond Earth 2". Also: Hot Rod gets switched with his counterpart in an alternate Transformers universe in "The Mistake In Identity"; Doctor Who and Jo celebrate the holidays in "Who's Christmas Is It Anyway?"; pulp hero The Spider is the subject of a "Hero Movie Development Meeting" satire; a warning about a former student of Marpa Tulku's poses a threat to The Shadow's identity--but a perceptive stage mentalist could be a greater danger in an adaptation of one of the stories from The Shadow radio show, updated with the 1994 film's versions of Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane, "Dangerous Minds"

Issue 6-7

From the publisher's website: "Primary story: In the not-too-distant future, Tyro Weltshmertz calls a memory bank card issuer to dispute some charges...and actually gets through to a person in the opening installment of a continuing series called "The Wizard Of O.D.D.S." Also: Melinda Molnar, queen of the twisted fairy tales, takes on Hansel And Gretel in "The Terrible Two"; A murder in an exhibit of "Witchcraft And Paganism Through The Ages" leads Andy to suspect Prue is the culprit--but she and her Charmed sisters might really be the target in "Threefold: Truth And Consequences"; Margo's jealousy over an old friend's engagement complicates The Shadow's investigation of a Broadway production plagued by tragedy in "The Tragic Comedy"; Sentinal Jim Ellison travels with Blair Sandburg to San Francisco to investigate a Peruvian that causes the Charmed trio's powers to go haywire whenever they're around it in "How To Lose Your Marble"; Lamont books a Caribbean cruise for two for Margo's birthday, a scandalous activity for two unmarried people in 1934...but an even bigger scandal unfolds on board, and The Shadow is soon drawn into a murder mystery in an homage to Agatha Christie's Death On The Nile, "The Illusion Of Propriety"; reviews of X-Men and Dogma. "