Kim Manners

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Name: Kim Manners
Also Known As: The Well-Mannered Man
Occupation: Director, producer
Medium: television
Works: The X-Files, Harsh Realm, Supernatural, Charlie's Angels, Mission: Impossible, Baywatch, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
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Kim Manners was a prolific TV director and producer. He is known for his works on The X-Files and Supernatural. He passed away in 2009.


Manners directorial debut was in 1979 for Charlie's Angels. Other series followed, including Mission: Impossible, Baywatch, and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.. In the winter of 1994/1995, he joined The X-Files production and with directing 53 (often mytharc-centric) episodes became the director with most directorial episode credits during the shows original run. He also served as a co-producer on the show. After the end of the series he directed many episodes of Supernatural.

Fannish Engagement

Manners is beloved by X-Philes. Not only did he develop the trademark tight close-ups of Mulder and Scully but he was also a shipper, which could be noticed in his audio commentaries.

Manners attended the Dallas eXpo in 1998.

In 2009 X-Files vidder gomnitus created a Kim Manners tribute video which premiered on the X-CON convention in Berlin.[1]

Frank Spotnitz remembered Manners on his blog:

"Kim had a blazing intensity that inspired everyone -- writers, producers, actors and crew. 'Kick it in the [expletive]!' he'd say to us. And 'I love you,' really meaning it. As long as he'd been a director, he never lost his passion for his work.... Kim was an incredible force of life. It is hard for me to believe or accept that he is gone.


  • Detective Manners from the season 3 X-Files episode Jose Chungs from Outer Space was named after him
  • Director Sugar Bear (played in the episode by director Barry K. Thomas) from the David Duchovny penned and helmed X-Files episode Hollywood A.D. pays homage to him
  • The Manners Hotel in THE X-FILES No. 0 comic is named after him.
  • The book the LAX-Files is dedicated to Manners. The money that comes from selling the book is donated to the American Cancer Society, which was selected by Kim Manners' family.
  • The fifth episode of the second of Vince Gilligan's tv series Breaking Bad series included the following dedication: "Dedicated to our [Fr]iend Kim Manners"
  • the complete 4th season of Supernatural was dedicated to Manners.
  • The Manner's Colonial Hospital in the second X-Files feature film I Want To Believe is another homage to him.
  • the Supernatural Studios in Burnaby, Vancouver had officially be named in honour of Manners[2]
  • in the episodeMulder and Scully meet the Were-Monster of the 10th Season of The X-Files there is a dedication to him: in a scene in a cemetery, Mulder is laying down a bouquet of flowers in front of a tombstone and touching it with the inscription:
in Memory of
Kim Manners
January 13th 1951
January 25th 2009
"Let's kick in the ass"

"Let's kick in the ass" was usually called by Manners before calling action when directing.