Eat The Corn

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Name: Eat The Corn
Owner/Maintainer: Orodromeus
Dates: 2005-present
Type: resource site
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: Eat The Corn, Archived version
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Eat The Corn is an X-Files resource website operated by Orodromeus.

The site offers in depth analysis about the X-Files mytharc episodes, news and reviews about the comics and some exclusive interviews with Ten Thirteen Productions personnel.

Highlighted is the MythArc primer which is available in the three languages (English, German and Spanish that keeps track and brakes down the show mythology episodes and facts which helps neophiles and returning fans to dive into the story.

The "Eat The Corn" site is part of The Syndicate web ring.


The title of the website allegedly stems from a exclamation of actress Gillian Anderson. It could also be seen on the wall of warehouse in the first X-Files Video Game.

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