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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)Mulder Angst
Related tropes/genresHurt/Comfort, Whump, Muldertorture
See alsoScullyAngst, SkinnerAngst, KrycekAngst
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MulderAngst is an Philedom term which is used since the early 1990s to describe Fanworks where Mulder is experiencing emotional distress. The term does also function as an X-Files fan fiction genre. Due it's popularity in the X-Files fandom in mid 1990s an extra category was created for the 1996 SpookyAwards and the 1998 SpookyAwards.

MulderAngst is present both in canon (for example in the Redux arc) as well as in fanon.

One of the earliest usages of the term was on a May 11th 1995 discussion by the fan Crunchy Frog:[1]

"Prediction #3: I predict a cliff-hanger. (DUH!). OK, I'll be more

specific: I predict a Scully-In-Jeopardy Cliffhanger (to balance the Boxcar Mulder <tm> from last year). In fact, I predict serious Scully

character development in this ep, along with Mulderangst galore."

Use of the term on ATXF

Well, what can I say, I've discovered that I like Mulderangst and can't get enough of it.

October 24 1996, Esther Walker, “The Brotherhood 1/14”

A Mulder/Skinner romance with a little Mulderangst thrown in for good measure.

30 November 1996 Spookette REP: A Fox in the Sky (2/2)--NC17 Slash

Now wouldn't that episode be filled with Mulderangst? I can imagine it now, she has a gun on Scully, she's been ordered to kill her, and Mulder must decide if he's going to kill his own sister.

April 1997 Cpwaldo362 Re: Who would Mulder choose?

Also, take my opinion on a curve, I have this sadistic Muldertorture/Mulderangst gene in me...

28 January 1998 Silver Fox Re: Scully as victim (possible 4th/5th season spoilers)

By all means ... please please finish!! Mulderangst is always so delicious...

By all means ... please please finish!! Mulderangst is always so delicious...

"3" is only bearable if you are an X-Phile, because you can derive some satisfaction from the Mulderangst over missing-and-presumed-dead Scully, and the fact that Mulder is getting some.

4 October 1998 wherever Re: Worst Episode

Perhaps the best piece of straight Mulderangst I've ever read and set to the harsh strains of one of my favorite poets -- T.S. Eliot. Not for the faint of heart, but an excellent journey into the dark caverns of Mulder's motivations and obsessions.

23 August 2000 swikstr Re: Classic Fics--which ones?


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