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Title: Mistress
Author(s): Amperage
Date(s): began in 1995, posted August 13, 1996
Length: 385K
Genre: gen/het
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Mistress, Archived version

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Mistress is an X-Files story by Amperage.

It was the winner of a 1996 Spooky Award for Best Long Story (Third Place) and Best Slash Story (Third Place). It was also a winner of the 1996 EMXC Award for Best Erotica. Although the story was nominated in the slash category of the Spookys, it isn't actually slash and that it was nominated as such could be interpreted as homophobic. In this story Mulder's mistress and dominatrix is killed, but he cannot reveal his relationship with her as he profiles the serial killer who slayed her. The story is a gen casefile and the erotic element here is het, the only m/m part is that later in the story the killer rapes Mulder and it is presented as some form of Muldertorture.

Author's Summary

In a world where love is expressed to many children in anger and sharp words, in belts and open hands or closed fists, is it wrong for the adult to find love in the sensation of pain or giving pain? Mulder's mistress and dominatrix is killed, but he cannot reveal his relationship with her as he profiles the serial killer who slayed her.

Author's Notes

Okay, I know a lot of stories are rated NC-17. This one, however, is rated that FOR A REASON. Rated NC-17 for violence and sex and foul language and adult situations. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 PLEASE DO NOT READ. I promise, you can download it when you're older. If you do not feel you would appreciate scenes containing Bondage and Discipline please do not read. I do not consider this "obscene" or "indecent" because the subject matter and text is not, of itself, for the reason of pornography, however, it is, and should be rated as for adults only for the same reasons as adult material always has been.

Original Access

A fan in August 1996 complained the story was not on "the ill-fated Gossamer site" and another replied:
I was in a similar boat - and, being both a Phile and a devotee of bdsm, it was a story I was NOT going to let sink into the mists.... If you go to Adam Lee's mirrorsite, and check in the Unprocessed Files directory, it will be there (unless, of course, he's gotten 'round to sorting it by now). Be patient, though - it's well over 300K, and was still in a single chunk when I got it. BUT IT'S WORTH IT! [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Hi Philes, Just a quick note (I'll try to make it quick). If you haven't read Amperage's latest saga Mistress you are missing on of the most chilling characterizations of Fox Mulder to date. Amp has taken all of her previous for lack of a better word, assumptions about Mulder's life and made him into a person who likes submission and bondage. Ok, if that's not your cup of tea I'm not going to try and make it your cup. However besides that, the story operates on at two levels the secret life of Fox mulder and the secrets he must hide because of his involvement with the dominatrix. My only regret is that it stopped and ended at Part 20 - I was hoping for a view of Mulder at the monestary but now that I know that Part 20 is indeed the end the ending is satisfying. The killer and the conspiracy angle in the story is truly satifisying and reminds me of MRKeller's fine writing too. Great work Amp! Love your style! [2]
My fav [story] so far......Mistress!!!!! Lots of weird sex, Mulder angst, Scully angst and a beat you could dance to.[3]
I tend to like the shorter (less than 10 parts) stories, mostly because I already spend too much time reading this stuff, but if a story is really good (recently I broke my "rule" to read Amperage's "Mistress"--for which wonderful (if very disturbing) story, muchos Kudos!)[4]
Not slash, but Mistress by Amperage is well worth paging down for on the Muldertorture page.[5]


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