Issues of Consent

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Recommendation Website
Name: Issues of Consent
Reccer(s): Sandy Herrold
Dates: 04 January 1999 - 2001
Focus: rapefic, non-con, dub-con
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: (via Wayback)

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Issues of Consent was Sandy's mostly "Slash Without Consent" link page. Originally it was simply named Sandy's Rapefic Rec site but the page was renamed on Dec 8, 1999. The new page title was suggested by torch.

The last update was October 10, 2000. At that time the page linked to 389 stories in 54 fandoms. Issues of Consent defined and illustrated the non-con genre and was a well-known and popular rec site in slash fandom.

Possible Conception

Sandy attended a panel at Escapade 1997 and may have gotten the idea for "Issues of Consent" from that. This is from a con report she did:
The Rape panel was a LOT of fun. At first I questioned Charlotte Hill's decision not to have an 'anti' on the panel: then I decided it was genius. For the first time in a long time, we were *all* rape fans. We didn't have to defend it; we didn't even particularly talk about *why* we were rape fans. It felt a LOT like the first time I was in a room full of slash fans at a gen con, and for just that hour, I didn't have to justify slash. I haven't heard so many "now *what* was the title/what zine was that in?" comments in a *long* time. Virtually everyone that attended the panel was a longtime rape-story fan, and it was great to watch someone just start to give a plot synopsis and have 5 women immediate say, "Oh that was...". By the end of the panel, we were considering trying to start a rape database of 'good' (for some value of good) rape stories in all slash fandoms. [1]


June said about the page in 1999:

"Sandy's Mostly-Slash Rape-Stories Links Page"has initiated quite a bit of discussion on several different mailing lists recently. I know a lot of people who enjoy stories in this genre and I think Sandy does a good job with the descriptions and recommendations. Even if you're not a fan specifically of rape stories, there are well-written stories recommended here that you might enjoy. [2]

Comments by Sandy: 2000

One of my biggest fannish kinks is rape of one sort or another. (Though, just to keep this in perspective, my biggest fannish kink is miscommunication.) A year and a 1/2 ago, I started a non_con link page. This doesn't make me any kind of authority, of course, but I have done a lot of thinking as I've read and categorized the roughly 350 stories linked to my page. [3]


The stories were sorted into separate categories:

  • Plain: Plain Old Rape (if there is such a thing...)
  • On the Edge: Teetering on the edge of consent, or maybe as close to consent as some of these guys can get
  • A/U: Rape with an a/u tinge ...
  • SM: Rape with an SM tinge (or more)...
  • Brutal: On the brutal side...
  • Het-tinged: Rape with a Het tinge...
  • Partners: Partner Rape is a separate category for a lot of people
  • Bronze Age: In The Bronze Age...
  • Zines: From the (fannish) Dark Ages: Many of the best rape stories still aren’t on the web
  • Non Fic: Non-Fiction sites about male rape
  • Not my kind: Not my type of Rape, but might be perfect for you...
  • Unbeta'd: At your own risk, un-beta’d, or badly formatted stories


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  2. Jan and June's Slash Recommendations, 21 March 1999. (Accessed 25 February 2011)
  3. July 17, 2000 post to Prospect-L by Sandy Hereld, reposted with permission