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Recommendation Website
Name: Issues of Consent
Reccer(s): Sandy Herrold
Dates: 04 January 1999 - 2001
Focus: rapefic, non-con, dub-con
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: (via Wayback)

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Issues of Consent was Sandy's mostly "Slash Without Consent" link page. Originally it was simply named Sandy's Rapefic Rec site but the page was renamed on Dec 8, 1999. The new page title was suggested by torch.

The last update was October 10, 2000. At that time the page linked to 389 stories in 54 fandoms. Issues of Consent defined and illustrated the non-con genre and was a well-known and popular rec site in slash fandom.

Possible Conception

Sandy attended a panel at Escapade 1997 and may have gotten the idea for "Issues of Consent" from that. This is from a con report she did:

The Rape panel was a LOT of fun. At first I questioned Charlotte Hill's decision not to have an 'anti' on the panel: then I decided it was genius. For the first time in a long time, we were *all* rape fans. We didn't have to defend it; we didn't even particularly talk about *why* we were rape fans. It felt a LOT like the first time I was in a room full of slash fans at a gen con, and for just that hour, I didn't have to justify slash. I haven't heard so many "now *what* was the title/what zine was that in?" comments in a *long* time. Virtually everyone that attended the panel was a longtime rape-story fan, and it was great to watch someone just start to give a plot synopsis and have 5 women immediate say, "Oh that was...". By the end of the panel, we were considering trying to start a rape database of 'good' (for some value of good) rape stories in all slash fandoms. [1]


June said about the page in 1999:

"Sandy's Mostly-Slash Rape-Stories Links Page"has initiated quite a bit of discussion on several different mailing lists recently. I know a lot of people who enjoy stories in this genre and I think Sandy does a good job with the descriptions and recommendations. Even if you're not a fan specifically of rape stories, there are well-written stories recommended here that you might enjoy. [2]

Comments by Sandy: 2000

One of my biggest fannish kinks is rape of one sort or another. (Though, just to keep this in perspective, my biggest fannish kink is miscommunication.) A year and a 1/2 ago, I started a non_con link page. This doesn't make me any kind of authority, of course, but I have done a lot of thinking as I've read and categorized the roughly 350 stories linked to my page. [3]


The stories were sorted into separate categories:

  • Plain: Plain Old Rape (if there is such a thing...)
  • On the Edge: Teetering on the edge of consent, or maybe as close to consent as some of these guys can get
  • A/U: Rape with an a/u tinge ...
  • SM: Rape with an SM tinge (or more)...
  • Brutal: On the brutal side...
  • Het-tinged: Rape with a Het tinge...
  • Partners: Partner Rape is a separate category for a lot of people
  • Bronze Age: In The Bronze Age...
  • Zines: From the (fannish) Dark Ages: Many of the best rape stories still aren’t on the web
  • Non Fic: Non-Fiction sites about male rape
  • Not my kind: Not my type of Rape, but might be perfect for you...
  • Unbeta'd: At your own risk, un-beta’d, or badly formatted stories

Plain Old Rape (if there is such a thing...)

Starman (comic, not movie): We get his side of the story in Shade's Journal, by Devil Child. ("With ribbons of shadow I bound his legs and arms. Leisurely strolling over, I gagged him with a none too clean bandanna and then stood back to survey my handiwork.")
FightClub: The first rule of Project Mayhem is you do not ask questions -- which is too bad, because in Angel Face, by Katherine F., he's got a doozy. ("Sometimes he looks at me as if he hated me. Or...more as if I'd stolen something he loved, and he wanted to rip me to pieces to find out where I'd hidden it.")
BtVS: I meant to rec this one months ago: it's wonderfully nasty, sharp, and bitter. In Forfeit, by Brenda Antrim, Giles loses almost everything, except that from which he will not part.
BtVS: Xander's discovered a need to be hurt, and a self loathing as big as the great outdoors, in Night Life, by Ophelia. Site uses frames, so you'll have to click around a little -- while you're there, try Holy and Glassy-Eyed Skies, too.
A Perfect Murder: if only the movie had included this scene of what happened when Taylor came by Shaw's loft -- Knee-deep in bohemian cachet, by Gail. ("I can feel that he's got a glove on, lube too. He came here knowing he was going to do this. I fell right into his fucking trap.")
PM: Anakin has had the power to take Obi-wan for a while -- but now, he has the will, in Night's Secret, Knight's Shame series, by Knight Smeg.
Gladiator: A brief missing scene from the movie, Commodus extracts his ounce of flesh before Maximus takes the field, in Another Betrayal by RavenD.
SQ: A science experiment gone terrible wrong sends Ben Krieg and Lucas to a violent seaQuest with noone to trust but each other in Through a Glass Darkly, by Evermore.
XF: Creating a creature like Krycek is no pretty thing -- and even Krycek comes to realize that, in Musings of a One-Armed Man, by Dr Ruthless.
Pret: Jarod is so starved for connection, that even the slightly touch has him :Falling Hard, by Caffre. Warning: needs a spellcheck.
SW: There's no question that Luke is going to be hurt...the question is, can Luke forgive Han for being the one to do it. Win Lose Parameters, by Lady Angel.
PM/Aliens: Trust Ladonna to come up with a pairing no one else would write: Obi-Wan and the Alien, in the more than appropriately titled Fear ("//I’m going to die.// The Fear was so encompassing, he had no room for more at the thought. It wasn’t death he feared, so much...but the manner of it, the pain, this most intense and personal, destroying pain... //I’m going to die--//")
PM: More from Ladonna -- The horns should have been a sign that Maul is stranger than anyone realized, even his old master. And even dead, Qui-gon’s going to suffer from it, in Hollow ("If it was the will of the Force, then the Force was far Darker than he’d ever been led to believe.")
Titanic: Caledon gets to make his point, and enjoy it too, in Gentlemen’s Agreement, by little Alex. ("A trace of fear finally colored the boy’s face. "A man can’t fu-- fuck another man.")
JAG: Palmer’s finally got Harm just where he wants him, in The Challenge, by Gail. (""You want it rougher than you’re going to get it, baby?" Palmer’s eyes were glittering again. "I didn’t think you were the type of guy who liked getting slapped around and beaten up. But then even boy scouts change." ") And now a lovely new! sequel from Palmer's point of view, Through a glass, darkly: ("I'd never had any sexual inclination toward other men, but then that wasn't about inclination. It was about survival.")
PM: Obi-wan finds himself in a hell of a spot with no way out, in Gift of a Hundred Days, by Mac. Warning: WIP.
Herc: Iolaus finds himself in a world without choices, when Ares claims him as Mine, in this lengthy story by Lorraine Marker. Warning: WIP.
DS: From the Bad!Ben part of Bindlestitch, Gerrard’s take on Bird in the Hand leads to Bird in a Cage, by JenAsayKwa.
XF: A missing scene from Terma, where Mulder leaves Krycek no choice but betrayal, in Mindless, by Toomsgirl.
SAAB: After "The Angriest Angel", Elroy tracks McQueen down, in Elroy’s Revenge by KateM. ""You can prepare him now," Elroy said. With a seductiveness perversely reminiscent of a stripper, the silicate used his teeth to slowly remove one glove."
XF: Skinner and Krycek make tit for tat an art form, in A Walk on the Dark Side by Noirceur. "Krycek’s ass was beet red, with thin streaks of blood..."
XF: When Krycek kills Skinner but lets him come back from the dead, Krycek pays big, in Dreamer of Dreams: Dreamers 2 by Tarlan. "By the time the fourth man took his turn Krycek was too deeply in shock to care."
OZ: Thugs and slags and day in Oz is much like another, in Roughcut by Flyboy. ("He stood, statue silent, as the bigger man ravaged his lips and mouth, showing him in that simple gesture, where his place would be. He almost peed his pants, the feeling of utter terror was so complete.")
TS: In this story, Rape, Lies, Videotape (part of a longer and highly recommended Time Heals series--scroll to the bottom of the page), Blair finally gets confirmation of something he’d always feared was true. Story by Russet McMillan. ("For a moment there was a perfectly clear shot of Jim’s outflung hand, scrabbling frantically on the barren floor.")
PM: Hope too long unfulfilled can be a horror all its own, in A Place of Silence by Destina Fortunato. ("With every stinging blow came a deep thrust, and a harsh grunt of pleasure. Once again, they had beaten him into submission, as was the custom; they would doubtless have been disappointed if he had simply succumbed.") Note: First story in The Devotion Series.
Far: Scorpio’s been wanting to know what makes Crichton nice that now there’s nothing stopping him, in The Red and the Black by Penemuel. (""NO!" he yelled, pulling desperately at the restraints, oblivious to the pain of the cuffs cutting into his wrists as Scorpius worked the tip of his finger in.")
Herc: Iolaus learns first-hand what the road to Hell is paved with, in Regret by Jen. ("And then he was slamming into his brother, driving in hard as he made up for all those lonely nights when he’d imagined this, when he’d imagined fucking Iphicles as he’d never been fucked before, till he was groaning in ecstasy and begging Hercules for more.")
XF: The Gray Twilight by Sandy K Hereld (blush). Now on the web (originally pubb’d in Homosapien Sux), it’s a dark look at Krycek’s obsession with Mulder, and how a man can know so much about another person’s motivations and yet so little about his own.
PM: Horrible enough to be help captive by a clone you didn’t know you had; how much worse to see your clone take what you’d never even been able to admit you’d wanted: Qui-gon Jinn. Adumbration, by Alex , takes Obi-wan on a long, dark and frustrating ride.
Pitch Black: Darkest Night by Devil Child gives one possible beginning for Richard Riddick and William Johns. "An’ don’t bother trying escaping, Riddick. I bring even the meanest curs to heel. I’ll just catch you again..."
Paris or Somewhere: Another "who’d a thought of this pairing" winner -- Callum Keith Rennie’s character in Paris or Somewhere, and Cowboy. More, you do not need to know about The News Doesn’t Happen Here, by Elz, other than it’s on the wonderful Bindlestitch site -- an anything-DS-related-goes haven of fun.
OAT: Mac learns there are things better not to ask for...and Vic learns more about Rohypnol than he ever wanted, in If Only I Could Dream by Dr Ruthless.
XF: After what Mulder’s done to him, Krycek feels Guiltless by Dr Ruthless.
PM: What if...*anything* could happen? Riding the Wheel of If, starts soon after the movie, as a mourning Obi-wan discovers he has the ability to travel to other versions of his world, and meet versions of Qui-gon that did not die. Not all of those meetings are happy ones... and some episodes co-written, or written by others.
XF: When Skinner becomes a victim of a serial rapist, Mulder takes the case, in Daddy, by Xanthe. Not slash, just male rape.
PM: What if Qui-gon counted on Obi-wan being a good little Exigency, by Rushlight.
XF: Mulder didn’t know what he was starting when he brought Krycek over to Skinner’s; Skinner’s revenge is only their first reaction to Brutal Forces, by Josan.
ST:TOS: Mirror McCoy and Mirror Spock each gave our Spock and McCoy memories they’d love to lose, in The Other One, by Greywolf the Wanderer.
ST:VOY: From Lon Suder, Tuvok learns how unpredictable a meld can be, and how hard it can be to face The Truth. Story by Juxian Tang, set after the episode, Meld.
XF: Mulder thinks he’s under control, but it’s just one more lie, in Cigarettes and Alcohol, by Isayeva.
S/S: How could Rick possibly do this to the little brother he says he loves, in Through The Darkness, by Xenia.
XF: Like Father like Son is a curse, in Wild Justice, by MJ Lee. And check out the new last update sequel, Divine Retribution.
DotJ: What drove Declan Mulqueen after the Jackal? What made their hunt for each other so personal? The Jackal explains it all to you in Nemesis, by Viccy. ("If I were a different kind of man, I would have probably called it love. But being who I was, I called it hunger. Need. Desperate craving for a delicacy I could afford to taste just once. But the aftertaste would stay with me for the rest of my life.")
PM: On the verge of his trials, Ani is too sad, too alone, too Cold in this bitter tale from Elektra Pendragon.
HL: Rodney Lange knows he’s running low on chances, but he didn’t realize that he was already out of luck, in The Prize Fighter, by Demi-X.
## Anime: There’s nothing plain about this Zetsuai/Bronze series, as the incomparable Maygra gives her version of Izumi and Koji: How they fell: Asumbrative, the two sides of Izumi gradually losing himself Solitudinous and a companion piece, from Koji’s point of view, Mortmain; and two pieces: Perihelion and Mediastinus. All as beautifully written as they are formatted.
Herc: When Hercules interrupts Ares’ fun, Ares is determined to make him pay, in The Verge.
XF/HL: It’s as close to a romance as Kronos and Krycek will ever find -- if only Methos could stay out of their way, in Everything Dies, by Ladonna King. unfinished, but it ends at cool stopping place.
DS9: Sisko can’t believe Dukat dares to ask him a favor -- and then he can’t believe what Dukat asks...("I want you to do it to me, Captain. The same thing as I did to you. Revenge yourself on me.") in The Kiss of Fire, by Juxian Tang.
Moreau: To be completely under someone else’s control, and not even know it...For Edward Douglas, everyday is Today, Today, by Te. If a story can be elegantly creepy, this is the one.
Mum: Under the dark desert sky, the guardians, the Med-jai, can feel evil released; is it any surprise that the evil can feel them too? Ardeth fights his truest battle when Evil Comes the Night, by Kim Gasper.
HL: In a mind-boggling act of hubris, Horton thinks that he’s the one manipulating Kronos, in View, by Juxian Tang.
OZ: How much of Keller and Schillinger today are what they made each other...starting from A Night to Remember, by Kristin. ("Vern wasn’t a fag, and he didn't like being with men who liked to be with men - afraid it might rub off or something. But he liked sex as much as the next guy, and damned if he was going to be denied the pleasure of a warm, tight hole just because he was in prison.")
BZ: When Marcase comes to be healed, he learns about the true base of Philip Pagent’s power, in Slash and Burn, by Quill.
PM: Xanatos knows how to torture, and who, in Balance, by Anna.
DS9: A Bashir story best described in the author’s own words -- this story contains scenes of coerced sex; elements of bondage; drug abuse; and other various and sundry unspeakables -- The Listening Wind by Emily Brunson. A very good story, but unfinished, and probably always will be -- the author has left this fandom.
Xenaverse: This series was recommended to me with the lovely phrase, "Gods at war, violence, the usual..." The whole Past Remembered series by Lorraine, is worth reading but you could skip to part 5: The end of the beginning, or part 9, engagingly titled, Rape!. It’s all a few clicks away from her Warnings page. Still unfinished, but frequently updated.
XF: When the Militia saved Krycek from the effects of the silo, is it so wrong of them to expect him to go through a little friendly Initiation? ("He suffered through the assault stoically. After all, Mayhew had called this an initiation. Maybe this was the group’s way of making sure each newcomer could take pain. Then Mayhew skewered Alex so deeply that he shattered his philosophical thoughts into a million pieces; he howled in agony like a madman.") Story by Russianrat.
PM: Qui-gon will have to face what happened when he left Obi-Wan behind, in Knights and Pawns, by Destina Fortunato. ("Obi-Wan thrashed violently on the floor of his room. Ruutha leaned over him, a profuse sweat breaking out all over his body, as he concentrated eagerly on the drama he was projecting into the young man’s subconscious.") #5 in the Touch series, but the story pretty much stands alone
Sharpe: Sharpe and the gang don’t know what to do when a fresh-from-England Major takes a shine to one of their youngest recruits, in Innocence Lost by Cathy. Nicely written -- and I hope to see more fiction in Sharpe’s universe
HL: When Richie complained about the way Mac treated him under the influence of the Dark Quickening, Methos tells him how much worse it could have been, in Forgiveness, by Brenda Antrim. ("You don’t want this, Duncan," Methos tried one last time to reach through the wash of evil and plead with whatever remnants of his friend were still inside. "Please. Please don’t do this to me.") Can’t believe I didn’t rec this months and months ago...where is my brain?
B7: Avon and Vila manage to escape from a pair of smugglers... (""What do you want from me?" he asked Troy at last, already knowing the answer, too weary to care. Troy’s teeth gleamed in sneering smile. "I like hurting you, Avon. You were so high and mighty, weren’t you, so sure of yourself. Now look where you are. Jarvis beat me when you escaped, and I vowed you would know what every stripe felt like, twice over.")...but that’s just the beginning of the Manhunt, by Caroline Dare.
Herc: Ares captures the ’new’ Iolaus, on a whim, but doesn’t have as much fun as he expected, in Dead Bugs in Amber, by Euphonius (a.k.a. Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer).
Herc: When Ares says ’no interruptions’, he means it, in The Verge, a PWP by Erin.
FW: Cade picks the wrong town to investigate in The Burning Man, by Awena.
## When a padawan is found dead, Obi-wan is first worried, then a suspect in The Jedi Temple Murders, by analise and Kirby Crow. A great story -- and beautiful layout and illustration, too!
PM: This scene between Xanatos and Obi-wan is just a snippet, but a snippet with teeth: Mastered, by Anna.
Pret: Jarod learns something about consequences when an old enemy returns, in Blake by Taz.
Herc: Tarsus originally takes Iolaus just to get revenge on Hercules, but in Measure of a Man, by Valentin, nothing stays that simple. (Borderline recovery-fic...)
SG-1: The drop looked like a quiet one, until Apophis appeared, leaving Jackson in need of a Shield ("He cast about wildly for something, anything, to hold on to, any bulwark to save his sanity as his body was driven mercilessly..."). Story by Brenda Antrim.
DS: Ray knew something was wrong, but he never couldn’t have imagined what Benny was going through, in Hold On To Yourself by Elaine Walker. (DSA archive: search by title.)
## Herc: As the person who recommended this said, you’ll almost root for the rapist, in the enormously clever, Yes and No, by Kobra.
PM: Is there any weapon more dangerous than despair? Qui-gon fears A Place of Silence, by Destina Fortunato. (You have to click through a few links, but the story’s worth it, and that way you’ll see her other stories, too!)
Brim: Stone learns that some days it doesn’t pay to mouth off to the devil in Captured Fare, by Ms. Elektra.
PM: Scroll down a bit on Kass & Kate’s index page for Hearts of Darkness series: The Taking, The Turning and Departure are the first three stories in this series, and together they tell a complete tale of loss and pain...and sympathy where you’d least expect to feel it. (The other stories in the series are more about recovery...)
PM: Xanatos still has more to teach Qui-Gon in A Kind of Genesis by Anna ("He groaned louder, swiveling his hips, searching out some part of me that he hadn’t defiled."). Or check out the sequel A Kind of Genesis 2.
Pret: Lyle finds out that you can push a Pretender too far, in Better Luck Next Time, by Kai.
PM: What does a Jedi owe the council; what does a Jedi-not-yet-master owe himself? In Maul’s hands, Obi-wan could become his own worst enemy; in his fear for Obi-wan, Qui-gon could be hurt them both. ("His Master was dead and there was no pain in the universe that could match that agony. Not the constricting fetters than held him immobile and splayed like an insect for display, not the gloating presence of the creature that had severed Qui-Gon’s tie to this life, not his touches or tortures. Pain was entirely relative.") from Faithless by Maygra.
PM: We just can’t wait for the second movie to tell us how it’s all going to go wrong, can we? In Redeeming Anakin (by AK -- CalmJedi) Obi-wan tries one more time to bring his former padawan, Anakin, back from the Dark side.
XF: Krycek can tell himself a thousand times before Sunday "Mulder secretly wants me", but is it true? And ultimately, does it even matter? Joker, Jack, Queen, by Anubis.
## PM: Just when I think this fandom has already plumbed its potential darkness, someone else comes along to prove I’m very *very* wrong. (D) Bad Seed, by Kirby Crow is a perfect example (and a beautifully written and formatted one at that).
KtE: When Archon tells a human that there is pleasure in becoming a member of the Kindred...he means for *him*, in Julian’s Embrace, by Va Wilcox.
XF: Out to Get Me by Zen&Nancy is the 2nd of the Heroin stories -- I recommend all of them.
MM: Tenaya has a number of rape stories on her site: Alias Smith and Jones, HL and Methos/LaCroix.
XF: Unholy Act by Nicole B has Krycek rescuing Mulder a little too late.
XF: Virtuoso of Deceit: Nemesis -- what happened before Krycek was handcuffed to the balcony?
Pret: Jarod pretends with the wrong guy in Alegar; will more pretending set him free?.
TS: Blair’s attackers show no Empathy (Brenda Antrim).
Herc: An alternate Hercules is thrilled to meet our Iolaus in Valentin’s Lightning.
Herc: Iolaus pays The Price to Ares to get Herc back (also by Valentin).
HL: Title says it all, Why Duncan Remembers Melvin Koren, by Kate.
OAT: Victor and Mac end up in prison in the series Hard Time (by DEMI-X)
HL: Intricate and cruel story with a rape scene in part five: The Hand Series by Barb G.
XF: Skinner takes Krycek in Descent, by Russianrat.
XF: Minor characters take the stage in Colton, by Drovar.
XF: An even stronger story by Drovar shows Krycek trying to make it Easier for a victim he didn’t choose.
XF: Another Krycek/Spender story, set during Two Sons. The phrase, "Don’t worry about it. The first time is usually the hardest." has more than one meaning in A Great Man, by Sue.
XF: Still another Spender/Krycek story -- a missing scene from One Father called Great Men by Pyrephox18
TS: Blair has fantasies of power and control in Politically Incorrect, by Merri-Todd Webster.
SAAB: When McQueen becomes addicted to green meenies, he finds out What Friends Are For, in a long Ross-centered story by Rebecca Morris.
XF: Krycek allows himself to be Mulder’s biggest fear in the dark, complex and sordid Rats and Sinking Ships, by Barb G.
XF: Krycek is even more out of control in the sequel, Rats and Plagues, also by Barb G.
X-Men: The Iceman’s jealousy and impetuousness lead to Remy’s capture and rape, in Iceman’s Vegas Vacation, by A. Lias.
X-Men: Having his powers stolen was just the beginning of Magneto’s ordeal in Body and Soul, by Atara Rogers.
XF: Krycek is brilliant and cruel in The Quality Of Mercy, by Mairead Triste.
X-Men: Gambit is used as genetic material, and that’s just the beginning of this complicated two-parter, Past Imperfect and Present Imperfect. Check out the other stories hosted by X-Archive, the X-Men Slash archive
X-Men: Hank is betrayed by his dark-side made flesh in Dark Dealings by Blue Velvet.
X-Men: Multiple Man is never alone--and in Consenting Adults by Blue Velvet, that’s the heart of his problem.
XF: Krycek tells Mulder it’s What You Like (and sequel I & II) by Jess but that doesn’t make it so.
Pret: How can you help other people when you can’t save yourself? Jarod finds out in the Sanctuary series, by Kai and Djinn.
TS: Jim’s hoping the cavalry makes it in time when a bad guy from his past shows up to menace Blair, in True Minds, by Lanning Cook.
MV: And sometimes, the cavalry’s just a little late, as Rico and Sonny find out in the first part of A Study In Light, by Jane Hughes. Later segments of the story can be found here
WoD: In the universe of the World of Darkness rpg, two men fight the odds and each other in a story where "the language is frequently harsh, the situations harsher...and the resolution unknown." You could check out the rape scene in part 17, but I recommend reading the entire dark, complicated and adult series: Twin Sons and Different Brothers by Lori Goldman & Valerie Watts. Now finished!
BG: When Starbuck meets a man who abused him as a child, it threatens, then ruins everything he’s become in Captive Soul, by Rita G Mac Auslan and Claire .
BG: In Found, by Rita, Starbuck and Apollo spent 20 yarens as POWs, but only after they’re rescued do the flashbacks threaten their friendship. The sequel, Lost, finishes their recovery. Other Battlestar Galactica stories can be found in the newish archive.
H:LOTS: Mahoney’s revenge outlasts even the grave, when his heirs pay to have Kellerman hurt and then killed in The Sins of Homicide I: Lust, by Hayley Douglas.
XF: Krycek offers Mulder a cruel bargain (one they’ll probably both regret) with a No Return Policy, by GenieVB.
Herc: Just when Ares thought that being mortal was the most humiliating thing that could happen to him, the Sovereign proved him wrong, in Power Game, by Rusalka.
## XF: An unwelcome visitor makes Mulder realize his Isolation even more keenly than before, ("I struggle again, consistent with my nature. I can’t remember a time I halted pursuit merely because the cause was lost, the odds too high, the game already called. I can’t help it; I don’t know how to surrender.") in this poignant story by Mouser.
HL: Not really a Bronze Age story, but a subtle and sad tale of Methos’ beginnings and possible future in Nightmares and Shadow, by the incomparable Maygra. (Warning; unfinished.)
Herc: When Iolaus disappears, Hercules thinks there is nothing he won’t do to get him back. Unfortunately, it’s not Hercules that Ares wants -- Iolaus is the one to pay the Prize of War, by Sheffield. Now finished!.
## HL: It’s not the pain, the fear, the nightmares; Richie finds out that it’s the betrayal that hurts the most in Darwin’s Sonata by elynross. ("He could feel the tears run down his cheeks and the blood down his neck, and he focused on those, trying to ignore the taste and the smell. Mac grabbed his ears roughly and thrust, obscene noises issuing from that familiar throat. "Oh, yessss. That’s a good boy. Such a good boy.")
Herc: Herc’s memories of abuse help him help Iolaus after a gangrape in the multi-part Deepest Wound, by Rae and Morgan. (’Iolaus wouldn’t look at his friend. [...] You’ve certainly never been forced. Who could hold you down? You don’t know how it feels to be weak; to have no strength at all; no way to stop what’s happening to you. So how can you expect to understand what I feel?"’). The sequel, Healing Wounds, is linked on the Recovery page.
Herc: Ares decides Strife needs a few Demonstrations of pain and pleasure in this definitely NC-17 story by Erin.
PM: Bound, by Brenda Antrim, is a dark alternative to The Phantom Menace, where there’s no one that Obi-wan can rely on, and Jabba and Darth Maul relish his pain and fear ("Maul’s world condensed to a single point of contact surrounded by a pulsating battle in the Force. His hands on the Jedi’s hips, his pelvis crushing into the soft flesh, every slap of their skin together drawing a hiss from himself and a whisper of pain from the Jedi."). Now finished! The final series is four stories, continued in Broken, Trials, and Balance.
Horn: When Jack Simpson returns, Hornblower tries to do the right thing, but finds he’s not yet strong enough in Something to Remember You By, by Mercury.
MV: Scroll down a little on Flamigo’s page to Wicked Game -- a long emotional ride of secrets hidden and betrayed as Crocket and Tubbs go undercover.
Retaliation, by Palinurus, Krycek is the only one who really understands what’s going on. (’He grabbed Mulder’s arms, pinned them to his side, and whispered into his neck, "Don’t make this so difficult, Mulder. You know what’s going to happen, you want it, you’ve been thinking about it all day. For Christ’s sake don’t start giving yourself a hard time now."’)
Prisoner of Hate by T.W.o.Oz -- classic prison rape.

Teetering on the edge of consent, or maybe as close to consent as some of these guys can get

HL: A classic epic, The Seduction of the Desert Prince by The Krell, can't be praised too highly.
BtVS: When Xander realizes he's Irresistable, he sets a ball in motion. It's in the sequel, where we find Spike's not the sort of guy to resist. Stories by H. Nonny Nonny. ("Good pain--who knew there was such a thing? He feels like his soul's being scrubbed with wire brushes dipped in sand.") Don't miss the final part. And scroll down to her name on the UnConventional RelationShippers Archive for the rest of her Xanderfic.
BAT: When Dick Grayson tries a little healthy adolescent rebellion, he finds out there's nothing healthy about Bruce Wayne *or* Batman, in Song of Innocence, by MJLee.
HP: Harry learns to take instruction, and Malfoy lets him have a little fun too, in the oddly gentle A Weather of the Heart, by lady of shalott. Rather spare in the beginning, the story fleshes out (sorry...) as it goes... (""You don’t even like me!" "You think I’d do this to someone I liked? I’m once again glad I’m not your friend, Potter."")
PM: It’s just another trial, young Obi-wan tells himself, in When You Touched Me by Keelywolfe.
TS: It’s time for the student to teach the teacher some hard lessons, in Cheap by Francesca.
PROS: Suddenly Doyle’s confessing all the things Bodie’s been praying to hear, in Happy Landings by Jane.
PROS: Bodie can lie to himself with the best of them, in Coming Home by Jane, as Kathy Keegan.
##OZ: Both Vern and Beecher know: no matter who’s doing it to you, no matter what they’re doing, you gotta keep your Game Face... by Gemma. ("With heat mounting steadily between them, and Vern’s all-pervasive *smell*--the musky reek of a middle-aged man in rut, sweating out his passion against polyester-blend sheets in a tiny glass box full of recycled air--erasing Beecher’s scent everywhere they touched, reducing him to a ghost in his own skin..."
PM: Just who’s being exploited, or hurt, in this relationship is an open question in Padawan’s Duty by Clarence.
XF: The thing about humiliation can always get worse. Mulder finds this out, in Batesville... by Loren Q. ("Like El Greco’s Jesus, pain, suffering and grief all there. I live for that look and will play him with whatever I’ve got to get him there."
TS: Who’s playing whom, and who the hell knows what they want, in the series Inferences And Innuendo... by Lenore.
XF: C.M.Decarnin has moved over to X-Files. Not even the participants are sure about consent in A Boy And His Rat. ("What he meant to say was, "Get off my line you sick fuck." What came out was, "I need both hands free.")
FK: A vampire doesn’t usually have to fear a petty pickpocket, but there’s nothing petty about this man, in Masquerade by Molly Schneider.
TS: Jim didn’t *think* he could say no...but he’s not willing to test it, in Damned, by Virg Vaughn. ("He took my lack of struggle, my stillness, as compliance. And it was. I didn’t have a clear idea of what he wanted from me, but I knew whatever it was, I’d give it to him. Because that’s what I do. That’s what I always do.")I rec’d this before, and somehow deleted it. Sorry, Virg!
X-MEN: Gambit just looked so good, stretched out sleeping...In no time at all, the Cajun found himself the subject of Logan’s Experiment, by O.
## PM: What do you do when your master changes, but still needs you as an Anchor... by Ladonna. ("It didn’t hurt anymore...he’d gotten used to it days ago, but it frightened him, that wildness, even when he knew... "
XF/BtVS: Of course the consortium would want to look at a real live werewolf, and of course they’d send Krycek to pick Oz up...but every thing else that happens is a Take me away. All of the stories are good, but the rape is in Dreaming Is For Moonrise (part 3). Series by wax jism.
## XF: Just because sex with Krycek seems inevitable, doesn’t mean he can let himself want it, in Blood, Love and Rhetoric, by Ladonna King. ("Someone trained you up good for me, didn’t they? And you’re just a dog in heat, aren’t you, Fox?" Krycek smiled tightly. "Why don’t you show me," he purred, dragging Mulder’s cheek over his thigh, using Mulder’s hair for a handle. "Show me how much you want it.")
KF:TLC: He’s an adult now; he knows he could say ’no’, but in Obedience, Peter finds lessons learned early are the hardest to unlearn. A long, dark, brutal and wrenching story by Jaime Joyce.
## OZ: Well, Vern asked (for once) and Beecher said yes (kinda)... in this wonderfully intense look back to first season. Gemma Files keeps getting better, even as her story gets Worse.
Xena: Ares tells Joxer that if he remembered, he’d consent. Can Ares be trusted? Does it matter since Joxer isn’t allowed to say no? If only Joxer had his Memories... by Sheffield.
BtVS: Well, Xander didn’t say ’no’, and it didn’t set off Spike’s new conditioning... And They Called it Puppy Love by debchan.
## XF: If you wrote a story where one man was too fucked up for meaningful consent, and the other was too weak to turn down anything pushed onto him, you might have Nightfalling I by Jessica Harris.
XF: In this XF a/u, a former Star Fleeter named Skinner and a deeply disturbed Krycek save Mulder, only to become his next danger, in Little Lost Fox by Anna.
BtVS: Of course Spike’s going to take his sire back to Druscilla for dinner, but no one would blame him for stopping first and having a little snack, in Spiked by Anonymous.
VOY: When a silly game pushes them together, a much more serious one takes them apart, in Spontaneous Combustion by Calico.
HCL: Joe wonders if it’s possible to base the most important relationship in your life on things not said, in Who The Hell Do You Think You Are? by Amy B..
OZ: In Samaritan, by Gemma, Schillinger and Beecher are both out of Oz, but that doesn’t mean their troubles are over -- or that they can escape what they’ve been to each other. (It’s unfinished, but *good*; for a quick fix, go straight to part 5.)
Apocalypse Now: It could all be a fever dream, but Willard knows better, in Apocalypse, Gehenna, by Nonie Rider.
Musketeers: Aramis didn’t know, and Porthos could only say, ’ "This isn’t to hurt you," Porthos said quietly, seriously. "None of this is to hurt you. But I won’t stop. You can kill me tomorrow if you want." ’ in the touching Hold Fast, by Louann Qualls Miller.
WG: Sonny didn’t know; Frank couldn’t know... only Vinnie knew the consequences of St. Christopher’s Lie. Excellent story by Marie Blackpool -- originally published in McPikus Interruptus, by Manacles Press.
SG-1: Being stranded on an alien world is hard enough on Jack and Daniel without Daniel being considered Jack’s Possession in this story by Claire.
Brim: Is it possible to consent to the Devil? Darkness, by Lady Rhian doesn’t answer that question, but implies submission is more than a walk in the park... and check out the slightly more consensual sequel, Night.
XF: A hot and humid forest, a mistaken identity: when Mulder and Skinner get separated, does Mulder need Deliverance? A new X-Files story by Spike.
SG-1: When Teac, Jack and Daniel make it back from a new planet, somehow they find themselves in an erotically Private Little World of their own. But every Eden seems to have a snake... by Legion.
## XF: torch asks the most interesting questions about consent. In Subaudition, maybe Mulder and Skinner are both just doing what they have to do.
XF: Palinurus shows us Krycek trying to provide Mulder some Guiltless pleasure.
XF: Skinner doesn’t give Mulder much choice in the three-part series, Play it Again, Alexai, by Kassandra (A Kiss is Just a Kiss, A Sigh is Just a Sigh, The Fundamental Things Apply).
XF: Not a rape at all (sorry), just pain and Mulder’s inability to get what he needs in The Night That He Planned To Go Clear by Maria.
XF: Does Krycek see what he thinks he sees, and does it matter anyway, in Tarnished Armor by Frankie.
XF: Afterwards, Mulder thinks, "My earlobe tingles still, and my mind is full of images. Alex and Scully, do I have taste or what? Beautiful demon lovers who want to use me and whom I want to use." The story is Exit 75, the (important) prequel is She’s Your Cocaine, and here’s the rest of the (fascinating and strange) series.
OZ: For a relationship so twisted it makes Mulder/Krycek look romantic, look at Gemma’s My Wife and My Dead Wife series. The specific quasi-consensual scene is in part 7, but the entire story is worth reading.
Herc: Young Strife meets his young Iolaus, in Confronting Destiny by Erin. ("He couldn’t take much more, pain and pleasure and everything so mixed up he didn’t know what was happening anymore. Another well placed thrust and he nearly screamed again at the sensations.")
HL: In the alternate world of Not to Be, Methos takes in a stray, and Kronos acts pretty much as you’d expect, in the sharply characterized Alternate brothers by Barb G.
OZ: Beecher teaches O’Reilly that sometimes the line saying "do not cross" is just drawn in the sand, in Choirboy, by Mairead Triste.
XF: If Krycek had asked, Mulder would have said no. So he didn’t ask...In Hot Water by mocomab.
## XF: Hard as Hell by torch. If rape = non-consensual sex, then who’s the rapist: the one doing you, or the one who insisted you offered yourself up to be done.
XF: It’s not much of a choice, but it’s something; Proof of Ownership, by Lyrica
XF: The Deal by Brenda Antrim was one of the first M/K stories on the net
XF: Departure, by Imajiru -- it definitely starts out as rape... Departure 2 hints at closure, and the third part finally delivers it.
## XF: Mulder doesn’t realize he’s being raped at first, in Rogaine, Rats and Baseball Bats, by Ethan Nelson; and the sequel, Rainy Day G-Men, is not your usual recovery story, either.
FK: Station Break and the sequel Light Reading (both on the *new* Jadke archive) are definitely on the ambiguous side.
XF: A Little Lost Fox by Anna -- semi-consensual, but I wouldn’t want it happening to *me*.
XF: Inner Shadows Skinner doesn’t want to do it, but he does...
XF: Betrayal by Sylvia walks the line damn well.
HL: Kronos takes Methos to the Edge of Darkness by Maygra and Meg
XF: Krycek’s saying ’no’, but maybe even he doesn’t believe it, in Wild Cards by Courtney Gray. (Sequel to "How To Throw a Curveball")
XF: Mulder shouldn’t trust Gentle Hand by Cathy Lee
SG-1: A borderline case--in The Beggars’ Ride by Russet McMillan asks, if you *think* you’re coercing them, does it count?
HL: Brothers in Arms by Saraid asks, howabout if you could say no, and you want to say no, but you don’t....
HCL: Winner for most obscure fandom -- What was Billy thinking on That Night? by Amy B.
XF: Krycek lets Mulder hold him at gunpoint, cuff him and do him; Mulder should worry what’s Krycek’s getting out of it in Sweet Taste of Revenge by Fleur.
VOY: Paris and Kim find that lust and misunderstanding can spiral down into betrayal in Spontaneous Combustion, by Calico. Don’t miss the sequel, Dreaming.
TS: Maybe Blair shouldn’t have asked about Jim’s first time, in Little Deaths, by Emily Brunson .
TS: Jim is aroused without relief in his dreams, tormented by something he can’t see or touch, that could be made Of Angels or Demons by Legion.
DS: Very short; very unsweet -- did Fraser’s present to Kowalski have a sting in its tail? The story is Hypnosis, and the DSA folks request we only link to their front page, so you’ll have to search their very nicely laid out archive. Story by Elaine Walker.

Rape with an a/u tinge

PM: In every universe, Xanatos' love for his master twists and turns on itself -- even where he is a Tribune to General Quintus Gaius, in A Heaven in Hell's Despair by MJLee. (Or start with the first story, Pilgrim Soul.)
PM: In a universe where the Jedi are the oppressor to the galaxy, what is Qui-gon to Obi-wan? The Mind's Own Mirror by Kathye.
Mag7-ATF/XF: An alternate telling of an au crossover series, it’s easy to get lost in The Changes that Come. Story by Lokemele.
PM: If apprentices and Padawans are completely different classes of youngsters within the Jedi, what’s the life of a Padawan Learner like? Story by TUE.
VOY: The beauty of ultimate delusion is, whoever’s in front of you is exactly what you want them to be. The hell of it is, they’re not equally deluded. When aliens mess with Paris’ mind, and emotions, and perhaps his very soul, they leave Chakotay unchanged: in this pair of stories, see which is the worst fate. ...Shadows. Something Else, from Tom’s point of view, and Cover the Mirror, from Chakotay’s, both by Awena
Angel: Set between and within this season’s Angel eps, Revisited is a series of short Angel/Spike moments that didn’t happen, but should have. Scroll down her main Angel page, or check out the first story, In the Dark.
DS9: In an alternate ending to season 2, Dukat’s grand scheme nets him Julian, for as long as he wants him, and more -- in the epic length’d Sexy,Scaly,Scary, by Invicta.
PM: Roman gentleman, Qui-gon, is always picking up strays, but this stray -- a Celtic slave named Obi-wan -- ends up changing his life, in Buying Trouble by darthhellokitty.
PM: Qui-gon’s searching for someone else when he finds a city slave named Obi-wan... in the richly written (and illustrated) Thief, by Rache & Maygra Now up to part 6.
PM: After Obi-Wan is attacked, Qui-Gon will do *anything* to keep him from further harm ("Even the desert wind of Darth Maul’s breath could not warm the memory of an icy kiss, but this time, he knew, there would be none to save him. //Do not fear, Jedi. Live in the moment, and remember that you do this for the boy.//") in Taken by the Dark, a new story by Nonie Rider.
XF: Krycek’s doing hard Federal time, and Mulder’s a prison guard with an unhealthy interest, in Hardened Criminal by Orithain and Nicole S, and make sure and read the sequels: Lessons, Restoration, Correspondence, Adjustments, and Promises Kept.
PM: Sure, one might point out that 99% of PM fiction is a/u, since they almost all ignore Qui-gon’s death, but in Lion at the Gate, a freshly knighted Obi-wan meets a Sith Lord that bears no resemblance to Maul.... Story by Kirby Crow & Lilith Sedai
XF: Mulder falls through the looking glass into a Anne Rice-like world, where Krycek is an apprentice magician, and Skinner his new *owner*, in Beyond the Vortex by Cerulean Blue. Now (apparently) finished, at eight parts.
FK: When in Rome is LaCroix’s carnal dream of rape by April Hackett & Susan Field
HL: Methos takes Duncan as a bondslave in the 1600’s, in this amazing tease of a story -- story 8 in the HL contest, "The Tempering Forge". Watch Caspian do the terrible deed in story 3, or watch Kronos do the deed in story 10 (Check out the other entrants)
XF: Captain Krycek deals with a stowaway on his ship in Pirate Dream by Necessary Angel
XF: Skinner’s old buddies from ’Nam start dying, but Skinner’s fate is even worse, and neither Mulder nor Krycek can make it better in Fidelis, by Nonie Rider.
## TS: A strange murder case leads Jim to a befouled version of his heart’s desire in The Dragon by Mairead Triste Aristide
B7: When Captain Tarrant acquires an Avon trained as a sex slave, he wonders if Avon is even capable of consent ("You want me. I feel your eyes on me whenever we are in the same room together, smell your arousal when you get close. So why pretend you don’t? Why not just use me and make your purchase worth what I cost you?"), in You’ve got a friend by Peja.

On the brutal side

XF: Mulder and Krycek's idyllic relationship takes a terrible turn when Spender kidnappes Krycek in part 7, Last Call, or read the entire Booze Brothers series.
BtVS: When Spike’s implant fails, he does extremely ugly things to Xander, Giles, and perhaps Angel, in Nonie’s new three part series Compliance nor Consent. Consider yourself warned...
DS9: Bashir falls into the hands of the Vorta, and worse, the Jem‘Hadar in A Fairytale about Slavery, part 1 and part 2 by Eggblue. This story was accidentally removed during an update -- sorry eggblue!
DS9: Garak has gotten Bashir free, but is it even possible to save someone after so much has happened to them? Neither of them are sure, in Swandive, part 1 and part 2 by Eggblue.
PM: Is there anything crueler than to be tortured by the face of someone you love? Pretazeneu, by TJ.
HL: Set during the episode Methuselah’s Gift, maybe this is what happened between Methos, Stern and Geiger, Before the Exchange, by Juxian Tang.
HL: For a certain sort of man, the miracle of immortal healing means only that they can feel more pain; too bad Methos ran into that sort of man, in Eyes by Juxian Tang.
XF: Another one from Nonie, To the Hilt and its sequels. As the author says, "An empty parking garage, a pair of handcuffs, and Krycek’s own knife in Mulder’s hands."
VOY: Short, but it sticks with you; Mine by Anagi
XF: After Krycek is rented out and tortured by CSM, help arrives from an unexpected quarter; Stranger In Paradise by Russianrat. The sequel is classic rape-recovery fic.
## HL: The rape is a small part of the abuse Duncan receives, as he find out just how much he’ll take to protect Adam’s secret in Breathing Sorrows by Rachael Sabotini and Megan Kent.
HL: An evil k’immie uses the strength of Methos and Duncan’s tentative relationship against them, in Little Earthquakes by Zen&nancy. "There is something so wonderfully demoralizing about sodomy; takes all the fight out of a man, to be conquered from within."
TST: Arcane is sent to Hell and suffers the tortures of the damned--literally--in the long and complexly plotted Bloody Hell by Fran White and JJ Arrows.
Herc: Without Ares to control him, Strife’s anger could be the death of Joxer: ([Joxer] started screaming as the third welt was raised on his back. He was sobbing like an abandoned child at the sixth, his wrists raw and bleeding against the manacles. Unconsciousness took him on the tenth.) in Sacrifice by REM (The fourth story of the Tribute series.)
Herc: As once were reaped, now are sown, in this tragic look at Iphicles and the Sovereign when they were young, in What Thunder Says to Lightning, by Taz.
XF: Another horrific reference of fatherly abuse, appropriately named, Daddy, by Czeri (set in the episode Tunguska).
XF: The Pledge (D) by Cruel and Vicious IRC Denizens is one of the nastiest renditions of "Alex Krycek, Consortium sex-toy," that I’ve yet seen.
DS: After Ray Vecchio has been missing in action for four months, Fraser thinks he’ll do almost anything to get him back. But finding him is just the beginning... Refuge is long (200,000 + words) intricately plotted and has a list of warnings at the beginning longer than this paragraph. Be warned. By Mitch Hudson.
VOY: When Paris and Chakotay land in the mirror universe, Paris ends up with the wrong Chakotay and it’s up to our Chakotay to save him, in Distorted Image, by Mandragora.

Rape with a Het tinge

BtVS: (D) When Faith got done with Xander, she left him uniquely vulnerable to a soulless Angel, in the appropriately titled, Oxygen Issues, by Angel Sparrow.
BtVS: No matter how many times Xander tells himself that Faith wouldn’t do that, that It Didn’t did. Story by Nicollette Marquis McFadgen
BtVS: When Spike decides that it’s Buffy’s fault that Dru left him, he starts his revenge with her mother, in Marshmallows by Oni. Long, complex, and not for the faint of heart.
LFN: When an old enemy wants revenge, Section agrees Michael and Nikita should be humiliated, in Sacrifice by Lorraine.
Pret: Jarod’s ability to pretend is worthless against a woman who’s already decided who he is. Touched, by Taz. (I recommend the second "adult" ending....)
"That question has many answers. Because he wishes to see your innocence destroyed. Because he wishes to manipulate me. Because you are Jedi and he hates Jedi. And because, finally, he believes that the only way you will become part of the Dark is if everything Light in you is extinguished. And that starts with the loss of innocence, through an introduction to ultimate degradation."")
B7: When Servalan finds out that Blake has survived Star One, she changes the script she’d planned for Avon on Terminal, to something that uses both Force and Deception. An a/u version of the episode Terminal, by Caroline Dare.
## XF: not slash, but Mistress by Amperage is well worth paging down for on the Muldertorture page
XF: Search for Rat Trap on the Gossamer archive. It’s Krycek & Scully -- who do you think’s on top?
XF: In Cruel and Unusual Punishment (by P.C. Rasmussen), where can you go when you can’t trust your partner?
DS: When Victoria came back again, she realized that the best way to hurt Fraser was to nearly sever Ray’s spine. In the morass of pain and guilt that followed, only Meg could help them truly recover, in the long and involving Victoria’s Chair, by Mitch Hudson and PJ .
ST:TNG: Being kidnapped and held by unknown assailants is the least of their problems when Data starts to act out of character, (’"You cannot stop me?" he asked, turning the phrase over in his mind. "You cannot stop me." It was not a question this time.’) in The Grand Illusion by Juls Heath.
XF: Krycek doesn’t know what he needs, but he knows that Scully and Mulder are the people he’s closest to in the world. Too bad they want him dead, in Prone, and the sequel, Unnatural Tendencies.

Partner Rape is a separate category for a lot of people

DS: Kowalski’s on the run...from *Fraser*, in Out of Nunuvat and Out of Gastown, by H. NonnyNonny. ""You wanted to know if I ever regretted not having an affair with Ray Vecchio. You wanted to know if I wished I had killed Gerrard. You asked"--here an almost rueful grin-- "if I believed in ghosts. If I believed in anything other than myself.""
DS: A very a/u look at Fraser and Kowalski, in Never Could Say No and Time To End It. Story by Lori J.
Far: If Crichton had known the cost of becoming an ally, he’d have let D’Argo die, in Dark Brothers, by Aiobheann.
TS: Blair has no way of knowing what he’s asking for, and Jim can’t explain the Rite of Passage, until it’s too late for both of them. Story by Lenore.
TS: No one can really know the meaning of a dream; not the dreamer, and not the guy sitting in the Armchair. Francesca says "It’s sort of a rape story and it’s sort of a comedy. Sort of." and that about sums it up.
VG: If everything you do is extreme, how can you know when you’ve gone too far? Brian finds out in Niel Jameson and Jain’s Love Means Never Having to Say....
DS: When Frank Zuko has news that Fraser needs, Fraser makes a dark choice. When Ray finds out what Fraser has become, he makes a darker one, in Deal with the Devil (and its dark sequel Demons) by Gillian Middleton.
Pros: Eight years after Doyle left him and CI 5, Bodie finally gets to take his revenge; only to find he hurts worse than he did before, in The Chameleon’s Dish, by Kitty Fisher. (The Pros Circuit archive allows links only to their front page. Just click on A-J, and scroll down to Kitty Fisher.)
Pros: Originally from the zine, It’s Greek to Me, Caroline Dare’s Rough Ride. After Bodie and Doyle are captured by bikers, Bodie is forced to take Doyle, but can Doyle forgive him?
TS: Who knew...a gen partner rape story! Susan Williams The Devil You Know (and its sequel Masks)
TS: Driven is the first in the Dirty Little Secret series by Saraid.
TS: When Jim flashes back to his time in Vice, Blair is the one that pays in Dark Dreams Lived, by Legion. Sequels (not really recovery stories (yeah!)) and the rest of her stuff is here.

Rape with an SM tinge (or more)

PM: As long as it stays a fantasy, nothing could be safer, in Sacrifice to the Dark and Mementos Like Jewels. Stories by Keelywolfe. "Again, I nearly cried out but sheer stubbornness held me, that and the desperate knowledge that if I made a sound this would end. Those slippery fingers were easing in and out of me and I shivered as I thought of what they were preparing me for."
XF: In the first of two companion pieces, someone does what he wants, in Lex Talionis, by rac.
XF: And in the other POV, someone else learns there’s always more to endure... ("My ass pulses more than my cock as each individual stripe from the flogger sings loudly. The first are always the worst, I always think. Until the rest come.") Sinoilat Xel, by Ratadder.
HL: As far from the run of the mill s/m as Chopsticks is from Mozart Nolens Volens is a Caspian story that may invade your dreams. By Ladonna King.
B5: Hard to decide it this should be here or in the edge of consent section, Hammer and Stone is a dark look at Sheridan’s arrival on B5 and Garibaldi’s reaction to Sinclair’s replacement. By Emily Brunson
PM: For a Jedi, all is peace, or so Obi-wan tells himself as he falls further and further into captivity. And even if Qui-gon can save him in time, he may be permanently changed by his time in The Red Temple by Rushlight.
## XF: Out of the Dark by Kassandra ends with lovely M/Sk sex, but Mulder suffers at the hands of a cast of characters first.
XF: The Training of P -- an unlikely cast, but ultimately another compelling story by Kassandra. (Sequels here.)
B7: Servalan uses Tarrant to try to break Avon in Salome’s dark Blood and Shadows
HL: And Hades Followed Him by CM Decarnin is finally finished. It’s still a little unclear who’s raping whom, but very compelling.
Herc: Forced Revelations by Ruth and Atara -- Ares makes sure Iolaus can’t resist.
Pret: Lyle’s been waiting a long time in Not Forgotten
XF: Subsume wrote A Scene to Forget (pt1 pt2 & pt3) but Mulder never will.
XF: Lessons by Lisby is more than a tinge brutal, and more hurt than rape -- the highlights-only version would include parts 5, 18 and 20.
XF: In a series--finally finished!--inspired by Brenda Antrim’s Payback, Palinurus shows Skinner taking Mulder to both Heaven & Hell. The sequels are Cats, Trial Run, Melting and Proximity.
XF/Mill: A stranger tries to convince Mulder that he’s getting only what he Needs, in another story by Palinurus. The sequel, Need, part 2, is from Mulder’s point of view. Questions of consent ("For one instant, in that kiss, things seem all right, and I can make believe we’re lovers.") get even murkier in part three.
Prof: is John being coerced, or does the coercion give him the excuse he needs to submit like he wants to? And is John himself really sure? Master and Servant by Manuela.
ST:TOS: Kirk can’t let Spock leave, in Ravishment by Closet K/S.
ST:TOS: A Mirror/Mirror version of the previous story, Ravishment - In the Mirror Universe also by Closet K/S.
BtVS: The Existence series is a very dark look at Xander and Angelus. ("Why are you doing this?" Xander choked out. "You hate me." "True." Angelus straddled Xander’s head, aiming his cock at the boy’s trembling lips. "I could beat you up. I could kill your parents...but this, this is so personal. [...] Now, open your mouth."). Most of the series is by Laure Alexander--the second story, The Toy, is by Nicollette Marquis McFadgen.
VOY: Q will do anything to anyone, to learn what he needs to know; Tom becomes both teacher and toy in Lifewish by Emma.
TNG: Ruth and Atara brought us His Beloved Pet.
B5: Garibaldi can’t stand to watch Sheridan put himself in danger, not when he’s sure he can give John what he needs, ("Michael.... you offered to give me what I wanted... I need to believe that there is no escape.") in Twist in Sobriety by elfin.

In The Bronze Age

Roman discipline meant nothing, once Kronos found Methos again, in The Blind Date by Juxian Tang. ("He could remember how his own body had twitched the same way as Kronos’ did now - small involuntary movements as it tried to escape the pain. He knew that the man even didn’t realize how wet and sob-like his breath was, still less could stop it.")
Imagine a time so long ago, that Kronos was not yet an immortal; imagine the life that turned a man into Kronos... in Touch by Ladonna King
## By Mairead Triste, the incredible Shades of Gray includes both D/M and M/K; the sequel, Eclipse is all D/M.
Another one by Mairead, Poles Apart is set post Revelations, but includes Bronze Age flashbacks.
Also by Mairead, Ouroboros is Methos/Kronos.
Summer in the Horseman's Camp and Later that Summer (D) by Kate define the word dark.
They all get a chance at Methos in Maygra’s intense Then a Horseman
If Duncan is influenced by Kronos’ quickening as in The Games We Play, is he still responsible for his actions?
Moving On Methos remembers Cassandra... (D)
On a Pale Horse by Barb G -- Kronos and Caspian rapes Methos, Methos and Caspian rape Kronos.
Becomes a Horseman by Pixie Nolan tells how Methos and Kronos met.
Methos learns to wait and take revenge another day in We Share Everything by Sharon L.
Originally from the zine Walking Distance, Kitty Fisher’s Sarcophagus is now on the net. Even if a body heals flawlessly, the torture is remembered, and even if Kronos effortlessly hunts Methos down and drags him back to the Four Horseman, can he forget that Methos wanted to leave?

From the (fannish) Dark Ages

## -- Now On the Net K/S: The mother of all rape stories was The Prize (from the zine The Price and The Prize) by Ray Newton. The original Pre-reform Vulcan story -- it should have been printed on special asbestos paper. And check out the rest of the Foresmutter’s Project...
Pros circuit: Consequences. The first partner-rape story in Pros. Not a great story, perhaps, but famous for its effects on young fandom. Brother's Keeper, by Frankie is one of the very few stories that starts their relationship off with rape that makes you believe it.
## Pros: Jigsaw Puzzle. Fans have argued for years if it was rape, or only near-rape, but it was close enough for me. A novel by H.G. written over 15 years ago, but still great today.
Pros: Strange Days Indeed. Another circuit novel by H.G. Bodie is raped while Doyle is forced to listen, and then the two of them -- injured physically and mentally, their relationship in tatters -- are stranded together.
## Starsky & Hutch: The zine Strokes has one of the most amazing partner-rape stories of all time, called Surrender. I still remember it with awe over 10 years later.
B7 as a whole was an amazingly rape-positive fandom; Avon and Blake rape each other; Avon and *Vila* rape each other, Servalan rapes everyone, and even Tarrant rapes his share. Two stories to look for are Creation (Servalan/Travis) and Reprisal (Travis/Blake) - both from B7: The Other Side, a wonderful old Australian zine. A Price To Pay by M. Fae out of Oblaquest is worth looking for; a compelling case of rough trade gone wrong. (A couple of the Oblique zines are already on the web. If the Oblaque series appears, I’ll update this as soon as I know.)
Due South: darn little rape in this fandom at all, but there’s a fascinating partner-ish rape in one of the Pure Maple Syrup zines called Nature of the Beast by Annie Stuart.
TNG: not a big rape fandom, or even a big slash fandom, but Jane Carnall wrote an incredible rape story around Picard’s capture by the Cardassians called There are five lights for Espresso for One.
Pros: a recent zine, Motet Op 2 in B & D, had A Baker’s Dozen by Joana Dey.
Pros: House of Cards by MCK. An old but still solid Pros zine about a young Bodie raped and imprisoned in Africa, and an older Bodie who is given the opportunity to revenge himself on his captor.

Not my type of Rape, but might be perfect for you

Far: Crichton decides he can give in to D’Argo’s needs, in Blood Brothers by Aiobheann.
SAAB: When Nathan and Cooper are captured together by Silcates, can they learn real trust? Find out in Beyond the Darkness, and Balance of Victories and Defeats by Juxian.
Anime: (gundam wing/ronin warriors) When Hiro realizes that Seiji isn’t a girl, it just makes him want him all the more, in Hiro Hate by Mink.
DS: Fraser becomes a totally different person when they go Into the Woods. Story by Alison.
PM: Qui-gon thought he would stop at nothing to punish the person who attacked Obi-wan’s innocence... in Broken, by Jedi Nic.
DS: Can Kowalski find his Raison D’Etre, after everything that’s happened? Story (male rape, but non-slash) by R.I. Eaton.
PM: Xanatos seems too weak to be a danger, and Qui-gon is too busy to notice, as Obi-wan starts falling, in Watershed, by Lyta Alexander.
XF: Skinner is determined to help Krycek, but can anyone keep him safe, in Stranger in Paradise II: Kismet, by RussianRat.
XF: If only Mulder had realized how close Krycek was to the edge, in Dark Entries IV, by Nicole S. Or start from the beginning at Nicole’s main page.
HL: Duncan doesn’t want to believe... what Methos can’t forget: about Darius, and Horton, in New Tricks, by MaryReilly.
DH: Bo and Luke go through the wringer in the Pure Love series -- In part 2, their relationship is still new, and Bo has to face the possibility that Luke might never trust again after the Assult [sic]. In Bo’s Trauma, Bo is kidnapped by someone who wants Luke for himself -- someone who’s willing to do anything to make that happen. Series by Silver Wolf & Golden Cougar.
TS: When Blair is raped by David Lash, Jim and Blair have to deal with the aftermath, in Everything I Do, I Do It For You, by Sylvia Chiaramonte.
PM: In the series that started with Revelations, Tragedies strike the threesome Obi-wan, Qui-gon and Mace Windu. The series -- now five stories -- by TJ.
QL: In the interestingly plotted Dark Shadows of Time, by alia, Sam’s worst leap yet puts Al into a tailspin. Also see part 3 and part 4.
Xena: Gabrielle slowly becomes someone else, as part of Jett’s Revenge, by Rickey.
TS: When Blair is kidnapped by an old snitch of Jim’s, he finds out a lot of things he never wanted to know, in Headcase, by Grey
DS/HCL: Victoria’s back, she’s still mad at Ray, and she doesn’t care whether it’s Ray Vecchio or not. Search the archive for Abduction by Amethyst.
Far: Crichton knows there had to have been *something* he could have done... in All or Nothing by Candytop. Set in the Blood Broods series, the story stands on its own. While you’re there, check out the Farscape archive.
DS9: Odo would do almost anything to save Kira, but he’d never planned on this. The Whore by McNamara.
XF: Mulder is forced to give Consent and then fights Skinner’s attempts to help him. Also a sequel, Bound and Determined, both by Gray.
PM: What would Qui-gon do if he honestly thought this was his only chance... With or Without Consent by Rushlight. Rich description, but characters so different from onscreen I have to think of it as an a/u.. Try the mirror story, With or Without Consent (mirror version), or the sequel, With or Without Consent III
PM: Obi-wan feels an immediate connection to a drug-addicted gladiatorial slave named Qui-gon, in Where you lay down, there’s my bed, by Z.P. Florian
PM: Obi-wan learns not all Jedi can be trusted in False Desire by Revel.
PM: Is there any pain worse than that of regret for things undone? Qui-gon and Obi-wan both learn of pain in Another Chance by Remba. This part is finished, but a sequel is planned.
TS: In the aftermath of Storm Warning, everybody learns something, in The Sex Slave by Geli.
TS: Young Vampire-hunter Blair Sandburg finds his prey in After Dark by Geli.
Sharpe: When Sharpe and Lawson are captured, Sharpe has to be cruel to save them both, in Lawford by Azarad.
PM: Alcohol leads to loss of control that destroys everything for Qui-gon and Obi-wan in Broken by Jedi Nic.
DS: In the three-part While the Earth Sleeps series--Detached, Broken, Fall in the Light--While undercover in an asylum, RayK loses himself and eventually finds everything. (Series by Rae; search for them at the DS archive.)
VOY: The entire First Impressions series is worth reading, or you could just read Tom’s Story of his prison time before Voyager. By Zorrorojo. (Warning; unfinished.)
Herc: Ares takes Iolaus in Nine Tenths of the Law by Rudy.
Herc: Aramis has a number of stories with rape themes.
DS9: Dukat rapes Bashir, but Garak makes it better, in A Taste for Vengeance, by Yavanna
HL: Kevin Robinett is famous for his Richie stories, but Two Men in a Tub is Evil Duncan/Methos
TS: Blair is caught In the Spider’s Web when he thinks Jim is the man who brutally raped him. by Montserrat
HL: To Survive by Moonpuppy -- Methos can’t get past thinking two men together means pain.
VOY: Paris may be his own worst enemy in Taking Paris by Mary Reilly
TS: On the Run by DannyD -- while in custody, dirty cops make Blair take Jim
TS: Jim is Mr. Wrong for Blair, by Stacy L.A. Stonach
XF: As au as they come, and more non-con than rape, but definitely scalding -- Heart of the Matter, by Spike
H:LOTS: In Auparishtaka by Manuela, Tim is taken -- can Frank find him in time?
Herc: the rape is a small part of Iolaus’ suffering in Kidnapped, by Ruric
VOY: Chakotay descends into madness and domestic violence, and Tom fears he deserves it all, in Descent by Sue & Zorrorojo
Herc: In 2 of the epic, Resistance, by Mel, Iolaus is captured and raped.
TS: A madwoman forces Jim to take Blair in Trigger Effect by Anna Monique.
TS: Jim’s Sentinel imperatives drives him to punish and take Blair in Primal Imperative by Montage.
TS: In True Soulmates, by The Dreamer, a psycho kidnaps Blair, and tries to erase Blair’s memories of Jim.
XF: A post SR819 vignette: With a Finger on the Trigger, by Sue
TS: Blair is Ravaged, in the long tale by Jayd.
TS: Blair endures more abuse in Ravaged II, also by Jayd. The recovery-based epilogue can be found here.
XF: The Traitor by Olga G starts with Mulder’s kidnap, torture and rape.
SG1: What Beast Lurks by TJ -- Jack and Daniel must pay the price when SG-1 breaks a Law. (Warning: the story is up to part 12, but still incomplete.) While you’re there, check out the SG-1 slash archive.
VOY: Harry isn’t himself when he comes back from planetfall, in Radens by Novus Homo.
HL: When Richie and Amanda are kidnapped by Duncan’s old enemy, Richie is brutally tortured and raped in Primary Causes by SALS. (The sequels, Secondary Hurts and Tertiary Healing are recovery stories.)
XF: Mulder is set upon and raped Ravages of Spirit by Invisigoth Too, a story set mid-season 5. (Later recovery-based story segments linked from here.)
XF: In the world of Interrogation by Orithain and Nicole S, Krycek is an SS Captain and Mulder his captive. (Later story segments linked from here.)
VOY: A pair of stories by Tauna looks at what else Steth (the alien in Vis a Vis) did while on pretending to be Tom -- Evil Twin and Evil Twin 2: Aftermath.
XF: In the seventh story of the deeply-convoluted Loup Garou series, Triad by Shael, subtle questions of consent between Krycek, Skinner and Jess threaten to get out of hand.
DS9: In the pirate au By The Sword’s Edge, by Diana Bloomfield & Joanne Spizzirri, Julien is the captain of the HMS Meridian, caught within a love-triangle on his own ship, when Garak, the captain of the pirate ship Seawolf takes him as a prize.
VOY: A short exchange by Manuela between Tom and the Doctor in which the doctor learns that The Flesh is Weak.
MacG: Murdoc teaches Mac that it just hurts worse when they make you like it, in the Devil’s Deal by Diana Bloomfield.
VOY-HL: For Voyager to find a human ship in Delta quadrant is strange enough--when the ship’s been derelict for 85 years, but the two man crew (Duncan & Methos) comes back to life in Sick Bay, that’s the beginning of a very long and complicated ride for Chakotay, Paris and the rest of the Voy crew. ZorroRojo has a long complicated crossover in parts, called Just a Guy and Crossing the Line, linked here. The two segments with rape scenes are The Prosecution and Resolution And Redemption, but the story will make a lot more sense if you read them all in order.
VOY: When Chakotay and Paris crashland on a planet ruled by women, everything they know about themselves and each other changes. For them, Zonoma turns out to be a nightmare of competition and brutality. (Also by ZorroRojo.)
XF: Taking Krycek over to Skinner’s apartment seemed like a good idea at the time. But in Warm Thoughts (the final part of the Replay Trilogy), Krycek’s obsession with Skinner nearly destroys all three of them. (By Sergeeva and Xanthe.)
VOY: Mr. Kim has an unhealthy obsession with Mr. Paris (and his magic has surprising consequences), in Fanatic by Robin Lawrie.
DS9: In an alternate universe, Elim Garak runs DS9, and Bashir has almost resigned himself to being his intimate slave--it all happens In the Shadow of Love by BGM.
B5: This one should win some sort of prize for rare pairings: Kosh II wants to know more about Kosh I than Sheridan wants to tell him in Light and Dark , by elfin.
DS9: When will Garak realize that Bashir doesn’t have Cardassian strength; before or after Julien is dead? wonders THE TIES THAT BIND by BGM.
TS: Jim is captured, tortured...and then disappears, but Blair begins to understand his own way To Protect and Obey by Stormwolf.
TS: Blair is captured by a man who thinks he’s a sorcerer, and Jim will do *anything* to save him, in The Ritual also by Stormwolf.
TS: The full story (Price of Love, available in parts from the wonderful Sentinel Slash Archive), tells Blair’s story, after a terrible fight with Jim breaks up their friendship. In Price of Love 5, Blair gets in over his head, and a simple commercial arrangement becomes gang rape. by Texas Ranger.
TS: When Blair is taken, Simon wonders if Jim will be left a Shattered Soul, in this story by Montage.
Herc: When Ares offers to be Just What He Wanted, Iolaus should have smelled a trap, in this story by Aramis.
Herc: For Strife, watching Ares abuse Iolaus is almost as good as getting to do it himself, in Ares’ Gift, by Aramis. ("The chains locked and pulled taut, stretching his legs painfully wide to leave him completely open, completely vulnerable, to whatever the god chose to do to him.")
TS: When a homophobic cop becomes convinced that Blair is gay, it’s the first step into terror for both Blair and Jim in Public Image, by Gray. ("Jim paced the waiting room like a caged animal, his body so tense it might explode into molecular dust at any moment. During the last five hours he’d rarely spoken. He wore the torture of waiting as a giant penance, rubbing the leather of Blair’s wallet like holy beads.")
HL: Now Finished! Gang-raped in the 1600’s, Duncan suffers from post-traumatic syndrome, yet wants to have a relationship with Methos, who is increasingly frustrated by his strange behavior. Methos, himself, was raped by the dark quickening Duncan, and is not too charitably inclined. Unforgettable. Passion’s Torment, Passion’s Captive, and Passion’s Release, by Rory V. Pascual
HL: Complex and long -- a five-story arc in the middle of a twenty-plus story series -- The Tower, by Astrochick, follows Richie and Methos as Cassandra’s phyrric victory wreaks havoc on their still newish relationship. Or read the entire R/M Fool’s Journey series.
Herc: What originality Challenge response lacks as a title, it makes up in its pairing--Ash (from the Evil Dead trilogy) and Jett!


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